Look at he drive towards the sensible middle on abortion!

He misspoke. Not an infant until it is born.

Neonate is the proper term. He mispoke a lot.

Mmmmm. And where does “viability” come into play?

I understand it is difficult for some to understand empathy.

One has to feel it, to truly understand it.

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I think it’s amazing you feel you can “understand and share the feelings of another.”

What you’re doing is actually virtue signaling.

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Neonate is a newborn. An infant is a very young child or baby. So those 2 terms are basically the same.

Uh… no, they aren’t.

Legally? 26 weeks or so.
But that determination should be between the mother (and father if he is in the picture) and her doctor.

Not the state.

Northrup said “the infant will be delivered”.

24 weeks

So no reason to prohibit abortion at anytime before birth.

You’re wrong.


Empathy is real.

You don’t know the definition of virtue signaling.

No, that’s pretty much all @Guilds has been correct about.

It’s a fetus all the way until birth. Scientifically speaking

You can “understand and share the feelings” of a 65 year-old white man?

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No reason to prohibit abortion until then.

Sure I do.


I don’t virtue signal. I don’t give a damn what people think.

Can I know exactly what is like to be a black man., or a gay woman, or someone who is blind etc//?

No. .But I can listen the their plights, try to get a feel for they are feeling…

i also do not know what is like to be stabbed or shot…But I can certainly imagine, and listen to others who have been shot or stabbed…and get a pretty good idea. Reading well written accounts of these actions…and the plights of others., definitely effects me as a fellow human.

Look it up.

Hell, a neonate does not even need to be human.

White privilege. Prog arrogance. Virtue signaling.

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