Look at he drive towards the sensible middle on abortion!

All to give them a dopamine hit to the “morality” center of their brain.

It just sucks.

Also he did not promote infanticide in any way. He discussed what happens when one of these tragic deliveries takes place. That is not infanticide.

You’re different from them how?

Answering a question about 3rd trimester abortion.

Why are you defending that ■■■■ bag?

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Correct. His answer did not describe an abortion. He answer explained what would actually happen if a mother with a severely defected baby went into labor and was dialated.

The baby would be born. Not aborted. And it would die.

The “infant will be delivered”. Why would he talk about that in answer to a question about 3rd trimester abortions?

Listen again. The question was what would happen if a mother of a defected baby went into labor.

His amasser was the baby would be born. It would not be aborted. It would be born. The. It would die.

Because that is what would happen. There would be no abortion. There would be a birth.

Why are you struggling with this? This are not complex words.

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It would be delivered. Made comfortable. Then “conversation”.

About what? Did he say anything about removing them from life support? Or are you interpreting?

I’m not.

3rd Trimester abortion was the question.

Exactly… He was asked about what Tran said and he responded that the Third Trimester abortion are performed under extreme medical observation involving multiple physicians and if the pregnancy were to come to term that then they would talk about palliative care.

This was in response to when Tran was asked if an abortion could be performed as the mother was giving birth the answer was technically yes because the law removed the government the equation. But there was no ackowledgement that that is not a thing that happens.

There is this myth that some have to tell themselves that Late Term abortions happen because after 8 1/2 months the selfish whore doesn’t want to raise the baby. They have to lie to themselves about the circumstances of what the issue is about and ignore that it is a tragic circumstance.

The arrogance of the ignorance all to make themselves feel upright and moral but in reality they are inflicting great harm.


You’re being silly now. What do you think they will talk about? The weather?


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And his answer was the baby would be birthed.

Not aborted.

That’s what he said would happen.

So Northrup was talking about late term abortion?

No, he said the infant would be delivered.

If I asked you what color dress are you going to wear and you answer you will wear a red shirt…did you say you would wear a dress?

And if she is not in labor?