Lonnie Bunch becomes head of the Smithsonian

When Lonnie Bunch started working on the Smithsonian’s first black museum, he had no collection, no building and one employee.

The Smithsonian Institution rewarded the founding director of the wildly popular museum on Tuesday by putting him in charge of all 19 of its museums, making Bunch the 14th secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Bunch, in an interview with The Associated Press, said his time leading the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will serve him well. “The Smithsonian is the most amazing place, and sometimes it forgets to act like it. I want it to act like the best institution in the world,” he said.

Bunch replaces David Skorton, who will become president and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Bunch will be the first African American to be Smithsonian secretary.

His success with the Smithsonian’s black museum helped his candidacy.

This is a big deal. He’s become the first African American to run the Smithsonian and also the first historian to have this job. I’ve met Mr. Bunch several years ago, great guy.
Also, for those who never been to the African American museum, run don’t walk and get there now. Come to DC and make it happen, you will not regret it and for some of you it will open your eyes to OUR excellence before and after slavery. You’re welcome! LOL!


I am glad to read this. The Smithsonian’s are a true gift.

Living in the DC area me and the wife have taken the kids to almost all of the Smithsonian museums. Love them all. African American museum and the Air & Space museum (Dulles location) are my favorites.

Anyone else read this as, “Loonie Bunch”? Fitting, too. :thinking:

No…just you

No worries, given the rest of the audience, I can see how a lack of humor can infect this thread. :wink:

BTW, the Smithsonian is a garbage institution that rewrites history to portray indigenous American history as barbaric and uncivilized before the arrival of Europeans. To hell with them.

Okay cool. Don’t go.

Smithsonian preserves history and keep people like you from trying to rewrite it. I know, history hurts…I get it. So like I said initially, if you don’t like it…don’t go. Problem solved…NEXT!

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Thanks for the link, sounds like he was the perfect choice.


They are the ones who rewrote it. What a pathetic state of affairs for people to not know this. You should really read up on it. :wink:

Just because you heard/read it from a biased source and your now repeating what you heard/read(per usual) does not make it true. Maybe you’re the one that should be reading. Books are your friend. RIF!

We evacuation in DC often. The African American museum was such a moving experience.

Nice assumption on your lack of knowledge. Sorry your gods turned out to be brown-hating narrators. :hugs:

See there you go projecting again. There is only one God, I don’t believe in these so called gods you speak of.

Now are you ready the discuss this great accomplishment of Mr. Lonnie Bunch or not? If not…step!

Mr. Loonie sucks because he works for a corrupt organization that has snuffed out the history of the indigenous American people.

Stop trying to be an internet tough guy with all your keyboard courage. This thread is not for you to come in here and make ■■■■ up like you usually do.

So I’m going to kindly ask you to say something relevant and not made up or shut the hell up.


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Bless your heart, look how angry you are. If you don’t like my opinions about the loonie bunch known as the Smithsonian and their crimes against humanity, don’t read my comments and get to steppin’ :wink:

Angry? Definitely not. Just a little disappointed on how ignorant you are or is it conscientious stupidity or maybe both. However, I get it…if you can’t think or say anything intelligent, per usual, resort to political talking points, projection and name calling

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Yeah, your heart rate is definitely elevated by my opinions on the subject matter.

Bless your heart. :rofl:

bless your heart too.

Where I’m from, that’s a polite way in calling you a dumb ass.

So last time, are you ready to discuss the Mr. Bunch and the Smithsonian or are you going continue this tough guy schtick?

I already did, little fella. You may now have your desperately needed last word. :hugs: