London mayor knocks Trump for golfing as US braces for Hurricane Dorian

Now we have a real King Putt!!

One who pours endless taxpayer $$$ into his own coffers as he spends hundreds of days at his own properties. Laughing at the fools who believed him. Determined to cram as many days golfing at his own properties, chuckling as he pours your :moneybag: into his pockets.



There was a poster who called Obama king putt all the time.

What happened to that guy?

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Because he hates Trump so he has to be good.

My loyalty is to the mayor of London.
Oh, wait…

Except apparently he didn’t; he said from the report that Alabama was going to be hit.

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This is TDS at its finest.

There is nothing Trump can do (beyond his order for the hurricane to change course away from Florida, which it duly obeyed…)

Not sure what Khan expects. Maybe Trump should stand on the roof of the White House and keep watch through the night. Pace the hallways. Say a rosary.

Just another example of a lib throwing mud in hopes that something sticks.

Can’t remember his name. Bet he got taken in by Donnie’s lie. :rofl:


He may well suggest you offer the same gratuitous advice to Trump.

Because it’s one lib stoking the Trump-agita of other libs.

No. King Putt shall hit the golf course and laugh at the conz who believed him when he said that unlike Obama, he would be way too busy with work to ever go golfing. Greatest con ever!

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Now that’s a great example of TDS! :+1:

Oh my guvnah. Please don’t tell me you don’t remember.

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Whataboutism at its finest.

You have become Trump.

Making fun of the absolutely and insanely stupid criticisms of Obama isn’t whataboutism…

It is continuing to make fun of all of that ■■■■ a couple of years later.




It’ll be a Category 4 because he’s never heard of a Category 5.


did he use spicy mustard that is un-American.

He mis-spoke four times. It wasn’t on any report he was given. I watched when he said it during the FEMA meeting and the FEMA guys looked surprised but didn’t say anything. Multiple weather forecasters in Alabama went on the air to let folks know they were not going to be hit.

Let me state the obvious: Donald Trump is the current President of the USA. Words and indeed actions matter. Some things are more important than others. Giving accurate and timely information when it comes to hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons,tidal wave warnings do matter.

Donald Trump needs to be called out on this and there need to be people who are willing to correct him on the record and in a timely fashion.


Who was he playing golf with? Maybe he has learned to mix work and golf. It is possible to do politics while playing a round of golf. Why is it * this ONE thing* or * that ONE thing* with anti-Trumpers? Are they really that multi-task incapable?

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