LONDON MAYOR: Forget Murder Rate, Focus on Wikipedia GENDER GAP

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As the murder rate and rampant violence continues to spread across the United Kingdom, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is opting to focus on another pressing issue: the gender gap of editors on Wikipedia.

Khan urged all Londoners to “help us redress this gender imbalance” Tuesday morning, pointing out that the “vast majority” of editors are men and that only 17% of the database’s biographies focus on women.

“The vast majority of Wikipedia editors are men - and just 17% of its biographies are of women. We’re calling on Londoners to help us redress this gender imbalance and ensure women’s stories are fully represented online #BehindEveryGreatCity,” he tweeted.

Khan’s war against the gender imbalance of Wikipedia comes as the murder rate in the UK capital surged over 44% in the previous three years; surpassing the homicide rate of New York City for the first time in recorded history.

Read Khan’s op-ed piece, titled “Why we need to close Wikipedia’s gender page gap,” here.