LONDON FALLING: Mayor Says it Will Take ‘Generations’ to Stop Knife Crime

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The United Kingdom continued to struggle with out-of-control knife violence this week; with a series of stabbings throughout London raising serious concerns over security in the country’s capital.

According to the Wall Street Journal, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it would likely take “generations” to crackdown on the violent crime sweeping the nation.

“London’s mayor said this week would take a generation to solve: a surge in knife attacks in a country with relatively low levels of violent crime,” writes the WSJ.

“With strict British laws making guns hard to obtain, knives have become the weapon of choice for members of London gangs, who youth workers say fight over territory and are prepared to kill over trivial slights. As stabbings become more frequent, more young people feel compelled to carry knives for their own protection, fueling a cycle of violence,” adds the Journal.

2018 has been a particularly violent year for the UK capital, with murder rates surpassing that of New York City’s for the first time in recorded history.

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