LONDON FALLING: Mayor Approves ANTI-TRUMP BLIMP During Presidential Visit | Sean Hannity

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is poised to take his anti-Trump crusade to the next level in the coming days; approving a giant protest balloon to fill the skies during the President’s upcoming visit to the UK capital.

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Good! We don’t want him here.

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UKers dont like Trump.

I am shocked.


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Fantastic good to see the Brits have a sense of humor

I’d like to see Trump take all bust of churchhill and put them in a box and dropping it off @ #10 Downing ST… Then Say “GOODAY TOSSERS”!!

Good for the Mayor of London!

Why shouldn’t he approve the blimp.

Millions of Americans approved the bloated gas filled bag that is Trump.


That isn’t where the Mayor of London lives.

Yes. Unlike our whiner in chief Fat Donald.

LMAO - typical Trumper completely ignorant of the world. Your getting your aussies and brits mixed up.

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Also sounds like he doesn’t ken the difference between the Mayor of London and England’s Prime Minister.