LOL- Jared is known as The Clown Prince

A new cache of emails obtained by the AP show an adviser to the crown prince of Abu Dhabi mocking Jared Kushner as the “clown prince” in an exchange with his partner, a Trump fundraiser, Elliot Broidy. “You have to hear in private my Brother what Principals think of ‘Clown prince’s’ efforts and his plan!” Nader wrote. “Nobody would even waste cup of coffee on him if it wasn’t for who he is married to.”

This is a damning article. Really dirty stuff.

Yes, that article shows why Mueller will be indicting people for a few years.

And “clown prince” is fitting. He’s as useless as the rest of the Trump kids.

Its as if Jared Kushner has no business acting on behalf of the United States government.


It’s stunning he’s lasted this long.

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Yeah…sounds it…enquiring minds wanna know.:sunglasses:

Good read. The swamp is deeper than ever, and trump is happily slopping in it.

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What I’ve gotten into here lately is watching how posters, who previously said they were for getting rid of corruption, justify the corruption Donald Trump brought to Washington DC. Watch what they all post and then add it together. It’s really a fascinating picture.

Did you even read the link?

Yes…and it was nothing more than a two bit journalist attempting to associate Trump with this activity. Who rec’d those bribes in the “White House”? That should be an easy question and important information to report about if you’re a credible journalist? So after reading your article, please inform me.

Yeah, and Trump is dragging a lot of people into the mud with him. The pigs like it.

Your Trump bias is clouding your view here. The piece is not about Trump or bribes for the White House. Are you sure you actually read the article?


At every turn with in the article, they took an entity that has some evidence of guilt and then in the same sentence, included something “Trump”. It was guilt by association and nothing more.

The AP made all the documents they received public and this story has very much to do about the president.


That is nothing more than your Trump bias on display. Objective observers do not see it that way at all. Stop with the victimization routine. He is just a politician man.

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Then who was named at the “White House” that received donations?

I’m not sure what you are referencing here. Quote that part of the article for context please.

so in return for a donation to the RNC he gets a photo with trump

There was another issue. RNC officials had decreed there would be no photos with the president without payment. Broidy suggested that Nader meet the suggested threshold with a donation between $100,000 and $250,000.

It’s unclear exactly how the two issues were resolved. Records from the Federal Election Commission show no donations from either George Nader or “George Vader,” but on Nov. 30, Broidy gave $189,000 to the RNC — more than he had given to the RNC in over two decades of Republican fundraising.

The result: a picture of Nader and Trump grinning in front of the American flag.

Is this what you were referring to @Smyrna?

In what ways?

This is article is long and extremely well sourced, the article is about how our foreign policy in the Middle East was sold off to the highest bidder basically.

Elliott Broidy if you remember is one of Cohens 3 clients he admitted to, the one that claims the NDA and payoff of 1.2 million to the playboy bunny that was impregnated which then resulted in an abortion was for him. He was also chair of the RNC finance committee, he also pled guilty to essentially bribery it was reduced to a misdemeanor when he cooperated with the investigation leading to the conviction of others.

George Nader is a convicted pedophile and very well connected individual to the middle east, he worked with Erik Prince back in the blackwater days and was present at the Seychelles meeting.

You know the best people!

"The princes “are counting on you to relate it blunt and straight,” Nader wrote.

Nader told Broidy the meeting was potentially historic and to “take advantage of this priceless asset.”

And there was one more thing. Nader asked Broidy to tell the president about his connections with the crown princes, using code names for all three.

“Appreciate how you would make sure to bring up my role to Chairman,” Nader emailed. “How I work closely with Two Big Friends.”

After the Oct. 6 meeting, Broidy reported back to Nader that he had passed along the messages and had urged the president to stay out of the dispute with Qatar. He also said he explained Circinus’ plan to build a Muslim fighting force.

“President Trump was extremely enthusiastic,” he wrote. Broidy said Trump asked what the next step would be and that he told the president he should meet with the crown prince from the UAE, adding, “President Trump agreed that a meeting with MBZ was a good idea.”

The White House did not respond to repeated requests for comment."