Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago


Spouting the same garbage repeatedly doesn’t help cover for the fact you can’t show a single one of these outbreaks began with or was made worse by those who voluntarily opted out of childhood vaccines.


You haven’t shown where any of them was responsible for or contributed to the outbreak.

You simply cited an instance where there was an outbreak in an area with low vaccination rates.


You don’t get to strip parents of their most basic constitutionally protected rights and that includes determining whether or not their kids should be vaccinated.

You can do your best to convince them they are wrong, but you don’t get to strip them of their rights.


Saying that unvaccinated people needlessly spread preventable disease is not garbage.

It is reality.

One can hold the position that individual liberty enshrines that someone had the right to be a highly contagious disease vector of a preventable disease… but then one must accept the consequence of that position which Is that preventable suffering and death is increased.

Ignoring it doesn’t make that reality go away.


That’s gonna leave a mark! Pretty sure the OP had a link to measles outbreaks predominant in areas with low bad rates.


You haven’t shown in a single case where those who are voluntarily opting out have been responsible for any of the outbreaks.

No amount of spurious and extraneous verbiage can change that fact.

If you could show it, you would have.


No it isn’t. Citing the vaccination rate doesn’t show that any of them were responsible for the outbreak.


No, the constitution does not protect such right. Parents do not have the right to blatantly endanger their children and others.


Total coincidence? Is that your argument?


They are responsible for the spread, which used to be one of your challenges to prove.

Or are they not responsible for the spread?


How bizarre.

Arguing that unvaccinated populations have nothing to do with spreading disease that vaccines prevent.

Orthodox and Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn don’t vaccinate. They tend to not do it in Israel either.

Just guess where the vector is of preventable disease is in the Borough where I live.


if you refuse to vaccinate your child and he comes down with the measles during an outbreak you should be held legally responsible for any other person that comes down with the disease.

98% of unvaccinated people that are exposed to the disease will come down with it,its about the most easily transmitted disease there is.

under civil statues you can lose if the preponderance of evidence is against you.
If your unvaccinated kid catches measles theres a good chance he has spread it to someone else. therefore the parents should be held financially responsible.
sue them for the treatment costs plus more.


I don’t get it. If I don’t vaccinate my cat against rabies I face serious consequences in the event she bites someone, but the Constitution gives me the freedom to choose to not innoculate my kid so if she, let’s say, gets German measles & goes to a doctor she can risk the lives of others seen at that clinic?

I must have slept in the day that logic class was taught.


Try parts of NYC where Ultra Orthodox Jews don’t get their children vaccinated. There is a big measles spread in those communities.


So I’m a bit confused.

  1. You’ve said anti-vaxxers are idiots.

  2. At the same time, you’re arguing that the unvaccinated havent been responsible for any disease outbreaks, or at least asking for evidence that they have.

  3. Does being un-vaccinated increase the chance of an outbreak beginning? Does it increase the chance of an outbreak spreading? If so, is that increased chance significant or negligible?

  4. If it’s negligible, why are anti-vaxxers idiots? If it’s significant, what percentage of unvaccinated population are you willing to tolerate?


Meh, let them not get vaccinated. The rest of the population can exercise their right to freedom of association and refuse to associate.


Conservatives position seems to be abortion is murder, but allowing your kids to die from infectious disease = freedom. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


You got it right.


Why? How do you ‘refuse to associate’ if you cannot be vaccinated & are seen in the same medical practice?

Let them have their own little unvaccinated island separate from those wanting to live healthy lives.


Kind of hard to “not associate” with people in a city of over 8 million with an enormous mass transit system.