Location of measles outbreaks in US was predicted a year ago


No one has the right to unnecessarily spread suffering and disease. You are arguing that they do have that right.

That is an untenable position to hold.

There is no getting around it.

That isn’t a talking point. That is reality.


What I’m arguing is that parents have a right to decide whether their kids get vaccinated or not.

That right is protected by the first, fifth, and 10th Amendments.

That’s the only argument necessary.

We have a right to try and discourage them by convincing them of the facts, but their kids are not gov’t property and The Constitution is unambiguous as to these individual rights.

To claim otherwise is simply dishonest.


The unvaccinated make up about 5% of the population of school age kids in the US.

What percentage of them acquired Measles or any other communicable disease we commonly vaccinate for in the last year?


Yes. You are arguing that people have the right to unnecessarily spread suffering and disease.

I say that they don’t have that right.

Guess which position leads to a lot fewer people not having to suffer for absolutely no reason?


Repeating the same vacuous talking points isn’t strengthening your case any.

What percentage of the voluntarily unvaccinated contracted Measles last year?

Any of the other common childhood diseases we vaccinate for?

How many of those who are vaccinated contracted new variants created because of these willfully unvaccinated kids?

Cite your sources.


Not a talking point. It is reality. One position leads to unnecessary suffering and death, the other greatly reduces unnecessary suffering and death.

Demanding data that has absolutely nothing to do with that simple fact does nothing to change reality.


You can’t show that these kids have been spreading misery and death. That’s a fact.


No. You see, I have no interest in going on an Internet wild goose chase.

The result of not vaccinating is known by all.

There is no getting around that.


Yet you can’t show that any of these kids who’s parents opted out for religious or conscientious reasons has been responsible for a single case spreading much less the suffering and death you claimed.


You are flailing my man.

People don’t get vaccinated means that the disease becomes more prevalent. It doesn’t matter what the reasoning behind the anti vax position may be.

You are on the wrong side of the argument.


More vacuous talking points. Show us where any of these kids has been responsible for spreading any of these diseases or simply admit that you can’t.


It isn’t a talking point. It is reality. Unnecessary suffering and death is the end result of people not vaccinating.


If one wants to argue that people have the individual right to be a highly contagious disease vector, then go for it.

Just own up to what the end result of that argument means.


Yet you can’t provide a single fact to support your claim and we both know it.






You want me to provide proof that vaccines work? Or don’t work? Or some nonsense?

That is going off the rails.

No matter how one tries to reason oneself in circles, saying that people have a right to be highly contagious disease vectors increases the prevalence of a disease that is completely preventable.

If one wants to argue the individual right, then one must accept the consequences of that right being that innocents will get sick and die.

There is no way around it.


Yet there’s no direct connection between any of those kids and the outbreak.

Show where even one of the voluntary opt out parent’s kids was responsible for the outbreak.


That’s a lot of wasted words and bandwidth to cover up for the fact you can’t even show where one of these outbreaks was the result of the voluntary opt out kids.


There must be some comfort in making an argument that will cause suffering and death and then ignoring that that is the end result.

People who don’t vaccinate cause preventable diseases to become prevalent.

There is no getting around that fact, no matter how much one wants to wish it away, that is just reality.


Move the goal posts much?

You said: “You can’t show that these kids have been spreading misery and death. That’s a fact.”

Now you want proof they were responsible for the outbreak.

I showed you a US school where anti-vaccination caused the spread of disease which was you originally request.

It’s not about parents being responsible for the occurrence of a disease, it’s about creating “fire breaks” if you will that limit the ability to spread.


I’m not advocating forced breastfeeding. I just asked if formula provided the same benefits as breastfeeding as far as immunities go. I gather it does not. All the more reason to enforce vaccinations.