Local report: Business is booming in my NJ beach town

That saddens me. What of the other 4 piers? Is it turning into seaside heights?

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What do you mean you don’t believe in central Jersey? Monmouth county is where

I am still stuck in the 201 and 609 area codes. To me that is north and south. NJ is too small to add a central. I live in Monmouth county.


I grew up in Bridgewater. It started out as 201. Morphed to 908. We always considered Somerset County to be Central Jersey.

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I also lived In Basking Ridge from 19-26. It was what, a 15 minute drive to Bridgewater on 287? That’s definitely north Jersey. If you were 201, it’s north. Anyone can say they’re central Jersey, but north and south Jersey is very different. Central Jersey today is no different than north Jersey. That’s why I don’t consider it a thing. Location wise, yeah, it’s central.

Probably that’s pretty much it nowadays. Certainly NJ has changed since I escaped it over 40 years ago.

Pretty simple.

Here we go to Erie. Presque Isle State Park is pretty nice for us poor folks.

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disagree. monmouth (long branch) is 100% central jersey.


I agree with you. It is central Jersey geographically. But culturally it’s north Jersey. I grew up in north Jersey. The Maplewood/Irvington area. At one point I moved to south Jersey. Lacey Township. Now I live in Monmouth county. There is literally no difference between where I am now and where I grew up. Big difference from south Jersey.

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you cant live in a shore town in Monmouth county (not to out you). Long Branch and Maplewood? huge difference.


When you consider how much of Jersey is agricultural or undeveloped (like the Pine Barrens), the crowded parts are REALLY crowded. It’s a huge agricultural state.

We used to go to Ocean City (“America’s Greatest Family Resort”) in the summers, but not so much now that the kids are long grown up. That place has gotten really expensive. A dry town makes for a quiet town, though.

(Born in West Paterson (now called Woodland Park).)

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I don’t get your post. Who said anything about Long Branch?

You can’t live in a shore town in Monmouth county? Did you mean can? What would you call Manasquan if not a shore town?

so there is no difference between maplewood and manasquan, culturally speaking?

i will have to disagree with that.


If you want to argue that Manasquan is south, ok. But there is a distinct north and south. There is no central culturally. It’s just geographic. Even northwest Jersey is a little different from north Jersey. I lived In Basking Ridge for 7 years.

I visited my aunt a lot years ago in Manasquan. We also had friends in Hazlet. South Jersey is just totally different IMO. Different pace, different sayings for the same thing. Manasquan just seemed a lot closer to north than south. Hell, even Seaside. Once you get further south than Seaside, it’s different.