Local Policy Gaining National Attention School-Hair

A small town in Texas, I know it well. They say they won’t allow the student to walk or go to prom because of the length of his hair.

There’s a lot in this article and some people are making it racial.

What do you think?


Barbers Hill Independent School District, which Arnold’s high school is a part of


Yeah, it’s the only high school in the district.

Town of less than 10k.

What difference does the length of his hair make?

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It seems like a dumb and archaic rule that happens in Highschools all across the country.

It’s a rule.

How is it archaic?

Okay. Just dumb.

There are dumb rules that exist in high schools all across the country.

This student could sue the school and would likely win. Unfortunately that decision would not come down in time for him to walk at graduation.

There is case law and precedent in these kind of cases.

Dumb law/rule that’s obviously only being enforced by someone that shouldn’t be holding that job any longer.

Without more info can’t really say if it’s racial or not. Could just not like the look of dreds. But either way the kid is being singled out by an administrator for one of those two reasons.


You’ve got bigger fish to fry, locals.

Of course this is a small town in Texas.

This boy can have long hair and walk in his graduation… then what? They can color it too?!..libs!

Personally I think it stupid.

I remember when my 4th grade teacher threaten to cut my hair, my dad was alive back then. He had a little talk with my teacher and that discussion ended right there.

There was a case in NJ last year where a referee made a wrestler cut his dreadlocks off or forfeit the match

Seems like we found something we can agree on.

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I’m guessing it has to do with making him cut his hair off and he is in Barbers Hill Independent School District.

Barber, hair. Get it?


Ah. Thank you. :haircut_man:

Perhaps students at this level are being prepared for career opportunities, & some employers are not open to such choices as long hair for men—particularly those serving food or providing direct care for patients.

Got acquainted with the manager of an auto shop awhile back, & his employees couldn’t wear body jewelry to work as he didn’t want the liability of a facial hoop getting caught on something while the guy worked on the car :hushed:. I suspect he felt the same about long hair.