Liz Cheney likely to enter GOP leadership

All of that is complete, absolute, total bull ■■■■■

That a total load of crap too. Where do you come up w/ this crap. What, are you like 18 years old.

And I’m not exaggerating at all when I say this. There are posters on this forum that believe every word of what I just said.

Die hard Bush defenders and forever hating Obama kooks. There were no WMD’s and the VP’s office clouded the intelligence on them because he wanted to go to war. That’s pretty much a proven fact. Some people say Cheney out right falsified the intelligence, but that’s another issue.

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Well she lied on her application for fishing license by saying she lived in Wyoming for 10 years. She of course claimed it was the clerks fault. She was cited by police for texting and driving. She’s like any other politician, doesn’t like to obey the laws.

Liz Cheney denounced her lesbian sister’s same sex marriage.
That’s an unforgivable sin. The pinkos in this thread haven’t done their job in picking up on this.