Liz Cheney get in a good one

I like Republicans candidates who win re-election.


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We all know Trump did win re-election. And the rinos like her caved as the republic died.

Just like the Pat Act removed so much freedom and privacy we can’t get back.

Gee thanks “w”

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That’s a good one.

Not exactly a real zinger with the Covid pall over everyone and Biden doing his best to prolong the pandemic instead of end it.

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lol, good one!

Oh, fanboys… :rofl:

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my how the left loves bush and cheny’s now my goodness.


Don’t love their policies at all but I do love that they live in the real world and aren’t engaging in crazy conspiracy thinking. Don’t you appreciate that as well?

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i appreciate when people in charge put Americans first


Well, Bush and Cheney aren’t in charge any more but they are still putting Americans first by not going down the crazy rabbit hole of voter fraud. That isn’t putting Americans first, it’s putting Trump first.


bush and cheney: “putting americans first”


in 2008 they were “absolute pure evil”

Read what I wrote. I used my phrasing for a reason. Note the use of “by”.

Don’t you think it is commendable of them that they aren’t entertaining conspiracy theories? That voter fraud one is quite corrosive.

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Anyone combatting the 50 million morons who think Trump won gets a free pass.

Not being complicit in the attempted overthrow of the Republic is more important than any policy stance.

It’s pathetic that it’s become a Republican scarlet letter to do so. (Also - for the die hard Trump people, “The Scarlet Letter” is a book. A “book” is a thing that people read outside of conspiracy websites and Facebook feeds)


She didn’t get in a good one, she’s a shameless leftist hack in conservative clothing. So is GWB for that matter aka RINO who are just a breathe and a lying word away from being dispicable Democrat/Socialist pieces of garbage.

And oh BTW Trump did win, the election was stolen.


Bless your heart.



All it took was Trump to make the left change from “Rage Against the Machine” to “Rage With the Machine”.

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Oh conspiracies. Like Iraq has WMD so we have to go to war. Like that?

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All it takes is a cult of idiots to help people realize “Huh, the last guy wasn’t so bad.”

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