LIVE: TRUMP rally in Washington, Michigan 4-2-2022

There is non stop science coming from these two while they kill time.

Now comes the My Pillow push. There’s a promo code! Great for Easter!

Leftist arrogance will stop abruptly

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I see they actually somehow managed to find someone to cover this live.

I’d hate to be the poor schmuck that got stuck with that assignment. I wonder who they ticked off?

Are you using Disney goblins from Fantasia from Night on Bald Mountain? Because I’m sure you hate them right now.

The old artists were great. Today’s Disney is fake Disney

But you were using Night on Bald Mountain? Does that seem weird to you at all? Also, old school Disney artists were so racist that a lot of what they animated is not allowed to be seen anymore. Just an FYI for old school Disney.

Buncha kooks.

Alopecia problems?

Holy crap people are gullible. Dude lost get over it already.

The real, elected president, will be on soon.

I really would like to talk about the old school good Disney animators. In the same Fantasia film you’re using goblins for some reason, the black centaur women are not horses, they’re zebras. Cause that’s cute? They’re also servants.

Some one trying to cancel Bullfinches’ with deranged logic

I have no idea what Bullfinches is. But I love Disney but I realize how the 40s 50s 60s ■■■■ they did was sometimes awful. I mean Disney’s Song of the South! Oh my god!

Song of the South was beautiful. You have a racist mindset?

I know.

This happens when the wrong people are employed as teachers.

Yeah, it really lets people know their place.

Only in a warped mind, brainwashed by cancel culture

You seem normal.


Have you watch this film?