LIVE: Trump rally Fri 8/5/22 Waukesha,WI

Both youtube and rumble video links here

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The most evil and diabolical anti-free speech, anti-American spectacle I have ever seen and heard is going on right now as Attorneys against Alex Jones are demanding the rest of the 150 million.

Leftist/Globalist are the worst humans in history.
In the meantime The 45th president is being de-platformed by the same demonic crazy people, who have no shame.

These tech platforms weaponizing speech in reverse. History has seen this all before. We have seen evil in history and we see it today.

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He shouldn’t of lied about the massacre and then harassed grieving parents

How does one derail their own thread by post 2? Or why?


Name the downside.

(1) less funny
(2) less slobbering
(3) less hearing about my love Santa and baby blood.

Why are they leftist/globalists?

You use these terms all the time and just interested in knowing if you just throw these terms out or have some basis for calling individuals this?

It really wasn’t a hard thing to avoid doing that.

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Wouldn’t the reversal of weaponizing be disarming?

Because they seek to end America and replace it with totalitarianism.

Wake up.

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Like wanting a federal police force that answers to 1 person? Or wanting to give that single person the ability to fire anyone in government that they want without having to give cause? Or suggesting death sentences for non-violent drug offenses?


Trust the plan

Dick Cheney speaks out for his daughter.

His shriveled mind is cause and effect

All you do is repeat generalities and spout buzzwords.

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It’s okay,!they only got another 45 million. He still has some left. At least until the next trial

Dick Cheney slandering Trump makes me like Trump.


Since when is the warning of “totalitarianism” a buzzword? Since the leftist koolaid?


Trump is the opposite of Cheney. Get up to speed.

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So explain who or what organization is taking us towards totalitarianism? And dont just leftists of the globalists. You spout this all the time so please explain how this is happening because I dont see it.

Trump posted that he will be delayed due to weather.

Heading to Wisconsin, big crowd. Will be a slight delay due to weather, but we will never let bad weather or climate change stop us!

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