LIVE: TRUMP 2ND RALLY of 10-27-20 in West Salem Wi

Now the President heads to West Salem Wi.


Enjoy them while you can. One more week

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Good news??? !!! ???

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This entire week is like a complete re-run of the Seinfeld Festivus episode. An airing of grievances, over and over and over again.


The best news ever!

And we got to see Trump melt down in a yuuuuuge hissy fit on 60 Minutes :grinning:

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That could only mean he won.

You really don’t want him to run again in 2024.

This is what I call a huge hissy fit…

I am usually wrong though.


538 now has Biden with an 89% chance of winning Wisconsin. Link

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Good news!!! ??? !!!


It is good news.

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The mean Lesley Stahl wasn’t nice to me. Whaaaaaaaaaaa! What a ■■■■■■■ loser.


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This isn’t good news.

I am sure WI will HEART the Biden ticket…

Naïve leftists still believe fake polls. Comments are exactly the same as 2016.

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Cool cool cool.

Biden on record supporting the violence? Or is that cuz you guys are trying to be cute and tie him into the violence like you tried in 2018 with Dems and then the election happened?

Every voter can decide for themselves how this may or may not be a factor.


But but but but you said you are sure

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I think he’ll keep doing them out of office and charge admission, in between court appearances. Dude needs money big time.

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I am.

I am pretty confident that the truth will win.

I don’t need to trash post.



Whose truth…