LIVE STREAM President Trump MAGA Rally Tonight Johnson City, TN. 10-1-2018

They are lining up now to watch the President’s rally in Johnson City, Tennesee. Watch the coverage as patriots are showing up.

Tap or click the word LIVE with Red Dot lower left hand side, to make sure you are watching live.

Pay attention to the normal patriotic Americans.

Who will he declare he loves tonight?

Not this again. :roll_eyes:

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Shut your mouth! Fat donald is not a cheater, he’s truly in love.

What else would you expect from the campainger-in- chief?

Its the abject hero worship that continues to amaze me. Trump is giving another stupid speech and the toadies lose their minds.

I can’t wait for the goober to profess his love once again for the dictator who viciously tortured a young American to death.

Sorry you last meme proves otherwise.

And a guy who imports labour and products from overseas is just as much a globalist as the anyone else in power.

Except who he gets to stich his clothing line, who he hires for his golf clubs, where he get his money from, and on and on and on

Political junkies that can’t get beyond party when their party is full blown insane, are sheep.

Trump is pro Trump. That’s it.

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He’s got another 3 or 4 rallies this week. There will be quite a few this month with the midterms fast approaching.

Best wishes to Marsha Blackburn, I think she will be the new Senator from Tennessee.

Or these people could just save time, gas, and parking fees and simply watch Trump give the same rambling speech on Youtube. He’s been doing the same speech for 2 years.


Love those rallies… Trump is cool and his voters are fun!


Just like the dems always yell racist and sexist, and it never tires dems… CNN has ran the same story for two years now…

Obama was right about one thing, Trump is not the cause of his own election. The people supporting him are…And they are Not going any where.

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That’s OK, I know you’re not thinking, you never do.” -fat donald to female reporter

He treats people equally. It’s the left that’s noticed, it’s a girl…

That has nothing to do with Trump giving the same bumbling speech all the time.

Best wishes to all the democrats.