LIVE STREAM President Trump MAGA rally! Southaven, MS 10/2/18 tonight

You live in a world

of backwards innuendo

The knowledge is there

Box of chocolates
Crazy is as crazy does
There is no way out.

and fathers that order their sons deal with their mistresses.

Tonight’s rally cries:

Lock her up!
Build that wall!
Debt doesn’t matter!
We love dictators!

Wait - “patriots in the world,” in literally the same sentence where you are talking about “globalists??”

Methinks something is amiss here.

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I made a request to the mods.

The awakening.

The feathered type will use them

The woolen grasses.

Basement talk. Barking dogs in the alley are rounded up by animal control.

I bet they have fantasy of using anti aircraft weaponry on Hilary or feeding her to starving dogs like trumps crush.

Oh goody I was waiting for this. Can’t live troll without the feed. Now I am going to get my baked baby out of the oven and drink my nice virgin bloodshake made from real conservative kidnaped during Jade helm. Very good Vintage

Mississippi? Is that where he needs to drum up support?


Feeding dogs at night

The bones of our enemy

You wake up with fleas

Sounds like a great day for trump. I can’t imagine how many times he has to revise his speech. Somehow he needs to work his trade deals since he started the tour. By the time he ends, who knows what else will be added. Perhaps a deal with iran?

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He’ll take any excuse to run his mouth in front of the barking seals.

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Lol “revise his speech”.

It’s funny because it’s true!

You know the GOP is getting desperate if he’s having to drum up support in Mississippi of all places.

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Patriotic animal control! Stick to the script!

A repeated thread
Alex Jones plays in the distance
Cats mew at her feet

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