LIVE STREAM President Trump MAGA rally! Southaven, MS 10/2/18 tonight

Patriots are beginning to show up for the MAGA rally tonight in Southaven Mississippi. Watch the live coverage.

To make sure you are seeing the stream live, tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot in the lower left hand side.

Trump supporters are diverse. Honest, hard working patriots with positive attitudes and love for America.

Last night in TN, with 8500 seating, left 20,000 people having to watch outside!

In the meantime, the FAKE News still trying to tear down Trump, his supporters and America.


These threads should be merged into one just like the Cavanaugh ones.


Merge all the troll threads into one, then delete it.

Then you’d have no posts on the forum…

No weather report this time?

what a boring life some lead

Current weather in Southaven is 86 degrees and 56% humidity

Fighting for America is not boring. Constant leftist trolling IS boring.

“Fighting for America” huh…

Why is he campaigning in 2018?

This poster reminds me of the old user with a different name that always referenced our president as Obama (the idiot)

Evidently lying to a bunch of people in red hats constitutes “fighting for America” now days.

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Pretty obvious. The leftists will try anything to win back congress and stick with globalist insanity.

Really? The left has to cheat lolol

Any attempt at leftist voter fraud, in November, will result in arrests. The swamp is being drained of seditious swamp dwellers.

Yeah, we’ve seen some of Trump’s “swamp draining.” Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, Rod Rosenstein, John Bolton…he’s really getting rid of those swamp creatures. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

the President ordered his son to silence his mistress. and the OP gets excited for every rally.

what’s that tell you?

GOPig is having another rally for himself? That’s hilarious!!! Grifter, liar, cheater, porn star porker, hero to the low info crowd.

I couldnt imagine

wasting my time watching this

Swamp Creatures gather

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Normal patriotic American are totally sick of trolls and the globalist tear down of America.

Globalists are out for one thing only. Power and destruction of sovereign nations, starting with USA. Patriots in the world are sick of it.