LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA Rally in Council Bluffs, IA 10/9/2018

Live Stream coverage of Trump supporters arriving and getting in line, for tonights Rally. Including interviews of patriots.


President Trump MAGA Rally in Council Bluffs, IA 10/9/2018

Remember to make sure you are watching the stream live, tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot next to it.

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It’s just like the movies, previews are great but it is always a shame to run out of popcorn before the main event. Then no one is satisfied.


Will he roll out his nation wide stop and frisk plan?

Photos from previous rallies you can zoom in and see Normal, regular Americans

No black masks, no pitchforks and baseball bats, No cars on fire. No riot police. No zombies trying to pry open or scraping doors to break in to buildings in Wash DC.


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Is Kanye going to perform? Maybe he and Trump can sing a love ballad for Kim.

They should just begin tonight. Frisk the pests and watch the zombie brains cheer themselves on. America!

Trump could make some money off this thing if he let The Walking Dead film the rally as a back drop

Interesting to see, men mostly trying to fit into such tight compartments.

They thought about that but zombies being brain dead, don’t move as uniformly as the MAGA crowd. Zombies move toward a purpose and thus are more lifelike then MAGA crowds

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I wonder if christians attend these rallies.

There’s a whole lot of white in those pictures.

lots of frothy white when this thing really gets pumping

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I think we know who the Zombies are

We don’t need Photoshop to show Zombie behavior of shamefull leftists.

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All those people standing in line should be working.

Are all of these people unemployed? Retired? Lazy?

Here’s a more accurate picture


These are normal working Americans Families and students. Don’t worry they have plenty of accrued sick time built up to take off work for such a special occasion.

You interviewed all of them and verified?

There’s even kids who have been taken out of school, being forced to listen to Trump spew his hatred. Talk about brain-washing.

Awe look they are all in uniform with their red MAGA hats

More and more, America sees everything about the leftist is fake and deranged.

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Hordes of unemployed pests, deranged zealots and their government Medicare, screaming and crying their way to the trump troll circus. Good for chuckles and grins.