LIVE STREAM: President Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Charlotte, NC 10-26-18

Buzzbuzzbuzz it’s time again

President Trump is only hours away from making the entire world better by holding one of his amazing rallies.

His announcement that he intends to hold a rally in (current town) really blows my mind. This is (current town), people!


Whats the weather like?

Right now it’s a chilly 32 degrees. It’s expected to reach the upper 60s by midday.

You better bring a blanket and large coat if you’re planning to camp outside in line for the event.

Any word on when his schedule will let up for him to take care of minor details like visiting the troops? I know these meetings where he receives the adulation of the masses are important. Just wondering when he will have time for the more mundane activities of the presidency…


Maybe the “troops” should stop being so selfish and take some time off to go see Trump? Why should he be the one who takes time out of his schedule to go visit them?


Well, the rumor I’ve heard is that if you don’t make it to his rallies, you’re not a real patriotic American.

If I left right now I could be in Elko, NV in 11 hours. If the rally was in Las Vegas, I could make it there in time. There’s no way I could get to Elko in time. Why doesn’t Trump hold rallies in southern California?

Quite true - you would think he would want to campaign in areas where Republicans actually need help - not areas where he already has a lot of support. I think he’s got this mixed up somehow…

Is our campaigner-in-chief holding one of these ego-boosters every day?

Not every day.

Here’s a list of the dates of his October rallies:
1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, TBD, TBD.

He also has 2 TBD rallies scheduled for November, and one special rally that doesn’t have a month specified, or has a location specified, but he’s holding it with Kevin Cramer, and he’s from North Dakota.

Looks like he is chasing that dragon.

Hopefully he’ll figure out where the White House is at some point.

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I agree. They are so selfish. Instead of flying home to see their families, they should fly to a rally. They might become inspired and patriotic.

It’s about time they did something in service to their country.

All they do is live off the governments teet

I fantasize about Trump’s teets sometimes.

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He’s holding another rally? Does he ever work? There’s so many of these rally threads, it’s kind of a joke.

The rallies are obviously newsworthy, so we HAVE to have a thread on it. However, I kind of feel you’re right that we should have a One and Only Rally thread.

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I think there is an actual strategy to all of this. Republicans know they will lose the house, it’s only a matter of how many seats they’re going to lose. This strategy assures them that it won’t be a bloodbath.

Four and a half more hours to go.

Anyone else having a watching party?