LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Rochester, MN 10/4/18

Patriotic Americans are lining up for tonghts MAGA Rally in Rochester Minnesota. Watch the coverage.
There are protestors and police.


To make sure you are watching live, tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot next to it.

There’s already a thread on this.


Another MAGA rally?
Remember when trump tweeted complaining that Obama spent all his time campaigning?

No… I’m sure you don’t

Yeah, but does it have a video link?

Yes. We’re already talking about the rally in another thread. Is it normal to have multiple threads on a single rally?

Anything that keeps the Campaigner-in-Chief from actually attempting to do president work is fine with me. Keep him on the road for 2 more years.

I wonder if people who attended clan rallies in the past feel ashamed today about their past.

I wonder if trumpers will ever feel shame one day about attending these disgusting America hating trump rallies.

1…2…3… for someone who can’t read say I’m comparing the two. I’m not, so put your nit away.

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Patriotic? LOL.

Already a thread up on this.

Why hasn’t donnie come back to his home town for a rally? There’s plenty of stadiums to fit his crowd…:thinking:

That’s right folks! Trump will be hosting yet another live commercial tonight! With all the crazy antics we’ve seen over the coarse of the past few rallies - from his profession of love for Kim Jong Un to mocking Dr. Ford - it should be exciting to see how he will top those acts tonight.

The link below should get you a front row seat to watch it live. Enjoy!

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I guess this is better than him doing any actual work.


Best comedy show ever.


The wild eyed frothing at the mouth cultists will be drooling and fawning over catching even a glimpse of the Master.

I weep for our nation.


As an aside, it would be interesting to know the percentage of paid participants in tonight’s festivities.


I’m going to watch without pants this time. I think the pants have been holding me back from connecting with him.





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I will not be held legally liable for the attire others may wear when watching the rally. :rofl: