LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Richmond, KY 10/13/18

President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Richmond, KY 10/13/18…

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I remember when the hypocrite-in-chief blasted Obama for doing campaign rallies.

Wasn’t he supposed to visit the hurricane damaged area today?

There isn’t an active Senate race in Kentucky.

It’s Saturday night
The lemmings are there, ears open
Maga hats everywhere

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No hurricane, or the damage it has done, is as important as Donald receiving the continued love of the people who are true patriots and supporters of his administration.

…for Hillary Clinton…

And previously, when Obama was traveling for no clear purpose other than smoozing his rich friends.

Trump used his own plane on his own dime and would still be doing that were it not necessary to use Air Force 1 for security purposes.

Obama and his croonies were creating many wars all at the same time while playing golf. His work output in the oval office was miniscule, while Trump does more in less then two years, then Obama did in 8 years. It was party time for Obama, while Trump works like a dog, one real thng after another.

Obama was letting his globalist bosses run things.

Obama fund raised . Trump’s rallies are not fund raisers, they are actual people rallies.

The President is speaking.

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The President speaks
No purpose than smoozing
Trumpists eat it up

The entire platform hinges on enough votes from congress, considering “Democrats” obstruct only, no bi-partisan ship.

Were the Democrats, at all real Americans, they would accept the 2016 massive defeat, as the voice of the people, wanting America First.

Not a single dem vote for the repeal and replace of Obamacare, even though America knew it was inherently screwed up and hated, tripling an individuals cost and with useless deductibles.

By contrast, the republicans were very bi-partisan when the Dems controlled congress.

I always wondered what happens on a Saturday night in Kentucky.

I assumed that dog fights and the climbing of trees was on the menu.

Perhaps they’ll watch our fine president speak from treetops while canines battle below.

A hoard of suckers, eager to be shorn by the conman-in-chief.

More Americans voted for Clinton.

Thank you. I need to add stuffing to the kneeler of the pew in front of my portrait of Trump atop a steed slaying a minotaur with a lance.

The minotaur has Hillary Clinton’s head.

I thought it might end up looking campy, but he reminds me of a hero from Roman mythology. The effect is improved by all of his slaves on a distant hilltop cheering him on.

To real Americans, this is all a desperate fight to save America, against a cabal of globalists. The same cabal trying to block brexit even though it was the will of the people of the UK.

THe EU, Globalist elite are not even elected… Soros is not elected. They are con-artists.

Cooler and the sofa in the back of the pick-up flying the Confederate flag at the Walmart parking lot. Alan Jackson turned up to eleventeen!

Raleigh threads are the best

When I had a campervan and liked to wander with my wife, we’d occasionally sleep in Walmart parking lots in our campervan.

Each state has something markedly different to offer in Walmart parking lots.

Thank you for informing me about what Kentucky Walmart parking lots have to offer. I’d probably spend the twenty bucks and find a quiet campground.

These rallies are a great reminder of how far we have come in 2 years with Trump versus 8 years with Obama.

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Yes, I still don’t know what to do with all of the money that I didn’t make in the stock market under Obama. Bin Laden lives, but Trump is hot on his trail.

Aside from those Obama failures, I cannot think of a single promise that Trump has not kept.