LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in El Paso, TX

Jumbotron was not big enough… They needed the MEGATRON!

Correction: MAGATRON.


El Paso County has issued a proclamation calling Trump out for his lies about El Paso.

“El Paso is disillusioned by President Donald Trump’s lies regarding the border and our community,” the resolution concluded. “And though it is difficult to welcome him to El Paso while he continues to proliferate such untruths, we do welcome him to meet with local officials to become properly informed about our great and safe region.”

The resolution stated that Trump, in his State of the Union address last week, “falsely stated that El Paso was one of the most dangerous cities in the United States until the construction of border fencing.” Residents and local law enforcement members quickly disputed Trump’s claim after the speech. In fact, “El Paso’s violent crime rate dropped 62 percent from its peak in 1993 to 2007, a year before constriction on the fence began,” the resolution states.


MAGAnificent correction.

Or better yet: “whose gonna pay for the wall?”

They can chant, “We will”

Trump is drawing close to 8 million at his rally, Beto could barely get 10 people.


I wonder how many bored libs from Beto rally will be coming over to Trump rally just to cause trouble.

Im gonna go with zero

Less than zero.

You mean about one of them who pretended to be a minority, for decades?

Oooooooo…MAGA hats. It’s so scary.

This Trump Rally is so terrifying that Fox News cut off. If we saw a strongman in a foreign country calling his political opponents “baby executioners” while saying they wanted to release criminals and rapists on the streets, we would call him a mad man and a dictator.

But we put up with it here because red hats apparently make people put up with lies and stupidity.


I wonder if anyone’s explained to Trump that Congress has already reached an agreement in principle.

Trump isn’t speaking to America. He doesn’t know how to.

He’s never tried to speak to America. If you’re not in lock step with him, he doesn’t have time for you.

He just said the mayor of the town he’s in is “Full of Crap.”

I think the pressure is getting to him and he’s starting to lose it.

People resort to OCD in high stress. Hopefully trump begins obsessively using fake tan and becomes super saturated in orange

Take a good guess what the crowd is chanting.

He has only one play and that’s to dial up the crazy a notch. He’s running out of room to do that without looking like a jibbering ■■■■ gibbon.