LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in El Paso, TX

Patriots are beginning to show up for the MAGA rally tonight in El Paso, TX… Watch the live coverage.

Current weather.


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Oh, nice. Trump rallies are loads of fun…

Hell yeah! He’s excited.

Odds he’ll say something outright racist about one of his Democrat contenders?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

I’d be more interested in the other rally down the street.


Right around the corner from trump’s rally.

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Any of our board denizens gonna be there? It’s gonna be fun.

During the call and response when the President asks who is going to pay for it, the crowd should yell, “New Mexico.”

They’re just close enough that New Mexicans will probably hear it.

That’d be great.

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Yep. That one looks like a lot more fun.

I hope they pan to the human wall often.

Oh yeah, I’d much rather go there.

If it was in GA, I could make up a “Jeff Flake 2020” hat and head right on over!

Love that article. The President makes a point of talking about the size of his…ummm…line. Then the President says something derogatory about the size of Beto’s…ahem…errr…line.

It’s all about size for this guy.

I hear it’s already sold out, and thousands more will watch on a Jumbotron just outside the doors. Tremendous crowds!

Not that the Fake News Socialist Progressive Liberal Deep State media would ever report that.

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There is only one reason Fat Donald is so desperate to win a second term. It isn’t for the country. It isn’t for his agenda. It isn’t for Border Security or any such thing. It is simply because he could not stand to be a one term president when that Kenyan usurper, Muslim, Communist Barack Hussein Obama was readily elected to two terms!

Why does anyone think he is so desperate to try to win a Nobel Peace prize?

It galls him to no end that he hasn’t been awarded one of those yet but that Kenyan usurper has one on his mantle!

Fat Donald doesn’t care about America, he cares about what America can do for him!

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I’d love to believe Trump’s thinking on the matter was as noble as you describe.

Trump wants a second term so fervently solely because of the DoJ guidance regarding prosecuting a sitting President. His bet chance at staying out of prison is running out the clock.

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You may very well be right about his thinking on that, but I know, can’t prove it, but just know he began with the premise that he couldn’t be a one up to that Kenyan usurper!

He officially began his run for a second term on the day he was inaugurated.

He was not worried about jail at that time.

Have things reached critical MAGA yet?

Trumps rally is much bigger than little Beto, lol!