LIVE STREAM Pres Trump MAGA tonight Rally in Wheeling West Virginia

Here is the live stream from RSBN Currently lining up outside. Radical protestors are coming out. Police are there.

Rally comes on in Evening, in the meantime see the coverage.

To make sure you are watching LIVE tap or click word Live with red dot next to it.

Grabbin’ West Virginia by the MAGA :us:

Oh Donald-san, be the true love of my life! I adore your appearances and must post every one of them lest someone miss the gracious movements of your heavenly body and the sweet soothing words you whisper into my ear at night!


I’m atingle.

Corpulent, fake tanned, and boofed to a high glow. No better representation of True American strength, intellect, and resolve.

I like beer.

Once again, so you’re on the campaign or they pay you?


I noted yesterday that president Punkinhead seemed to be sporting a fresh coat of Orange Glow. Guess he was freshening up for the fans.

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I will never get over the fact that if you asked for a human representation of the seven deadly sins, you literally could find no better man than Donald Trump.


Sadly, so true.

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Brigading anti-America lost before they started.

Some are so brainwashed and mind controlled, they will implode. Some will be in prison.

But he got elected and is holding a rally

Have faith! If we stand tall with Donald, himself in our glorious vanguard leading the charge as though it were his second tour in Personal Vietnam, the forces of MAGA will prevail against this dark horde of evil and feminist sabotage against our Great Nation.

Trump will be speaking around 7pm EST 4 pm PST

Five more rallys this coming week

People can sign up FREE to get Rally tickets

Why do that when you can get paid to attend?


Most trolls have no idea what is really at the root of their Trump hate.

The ConMan and the Rubes, Season 1, Episode 293.