LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump MAGA rally in Murphysboro, IL 10-27-18

Live Stream coverage of Trump supporters arriving and getting in line, for tonight’s rally.

Very soon they will start interviewing some of the patriots in attendance.

Donald Trump is expected to heal the nation tonight after the horrible Domestic Terrorist attack over the previous few days.

It’s a too bad Donald doesn’t drink, because Murphysboro is the perfect base of operations to explore Southern Illinois’s growing wine area.

Watch live:

I wonder if tonight’s chant will include

Lock him up!
Lock her up!
CNN sucks
Fake bombs

Trump rally aka MAGAterrorism breeding ground.


I wonder if he’ll have anything to say about the MAGAbomber? If I get enough of that wine in my system, I may tune in to see…

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I wonder how much these rallies are costing taxpayers.

People are saying that it’s 200 million dollars a day.


Yep, just recruiting camps for the weak minded.

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The stream should be starting any second now. This is the most important thing happening today!

Unity Trump’s politics!

Where’s my wiki button 0-o

Did your badge level drop?

Seems that way. I’m not regular anymore

Looking forward to hearing Donald’s calming words at this rally. His selflessness and wisdom will see past any personal ambitions and petty partisanship, and by his unilateral example his opponents will be shamed by their own behavior.

Truly the only one capable of unifying our fractured nation during these troubled times.


Thank you for starting these threads. It’s immeasurably better than the alternative.

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I was going to watch some college football, but since the rally is starting, bigger priorities.

Wasn’t there just a mass shooting at a synagogue today? A rally designed to stroke a child’s ego is more important than a real world tragedy?

Gawd Trump has his lovers all twisted up into pretzels about their priorities.

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Please don’t tell me he is going ahead with this rally???

Sick and pathetic.


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Un ■■■■■■■ believable.

Dang. That is close to where I used to live. If I was still there I would have loved to see if i could have gotten into the rally with a sign that read “FREE THE MAGA BOMBER A TRUE AMERICAN HERO”.