LIVE: Rally#2 President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Green Bay, WI 10-30-20

The next Rally in Green Bay, already has a big crowd will start in a few hours.

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Green Bay, WI 10-30-20


So many people without masks on that thumbnail, HILARIOUS :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll have one case of Covid for myself and 5 for my acquaintances please…

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The next rally will be here…big crowd already. In cold weather.

Hypothermia then? Hilarious :joy: :joy:

I know the concept of “cities” is pretty loose in Wisconsin with the doubtful exception of Madison but Green Bay? Really? Why?

Trump is supposed to be about an hour from where I live Sunday or Monday. I hope something else comes up - if not, I’m going to have to self quarantine for two weeks afterwards - possibly longer if it’s a bad outbreak

What is it to you? Are you an expert? What is your Chief strategist experience?

You should be watching poor Biden making a fool of himself again. Sad.

Biden needs to cone clean Obama and Hillary put him up to the illegal money from Ukraine, Russia, China.

He’s the fall guy.

“we choose truth over lies”—Biden…how pathetic.

No he’s done already.

Covid is being passed out there like Oprah giving out cars! You get Covid!


Democrat party is committing suicide

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National Guard is going to Philadelphia. Explosives found in a Van

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Trump supporters in CA are making headway.

The Leftists will be shocked

Soon CA will be dismantling the One Party system in CA.

And NYC is getting sick of it too.

Did Illinois annex Milwaukee?

everyone hear about the serious Death Threat received by James O’keefe by a well known lunatic?

Zoltan Kondor?

Who’s James O’Keefe? :rofl:

Minnesota telling Trump…“you can’t have more than 250 people at your rally.” 6000 are ready to show up.

Minnesota is now a disgrace.

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Anyone hospitalized yet?

seen this movie before.

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No one. Zoltan could be any persistent online Trump hater.