LIVE: PRESIDENT TRUMP rally Delaware, OH. 4/23/2022

Can the globalists, leftists, RINOs, political confused just get with the program and come in for the big AMERICA win?

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Clap and bark like us!

One of us one of us.


That’s exactly what the globalists, leftists, RINOs, political confused, want from you.

As they line you up to be relocated

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To the fema camps?

Clap clap.

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It would be a shame to miss gems like this:

“First they said not too smart that I did that. Then that all went away. I really did that. I said ‘Doc Ronny, I gotta take a test.’ The problem is that this is essentially a public place. One of the great hospitals of the world, right? But you have a series of doctors sitting here. He said ‘If you do badly the word’s gonna get out.’ I said ‘I know that. How tough is it?’ He said ‘It’s very tough.’ I said ‘Oof. Let’s give it a shot.’

“And I did it in front of a panel and we aced it. And one person said ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone ace it.’ So isn’t that nice? So all of that stuff stops, okay. It was very nice. But then they made me a dictator instead. I don’t know, which would you rather be, a dumb person or a dictator? Perhaps a dictator would be better. I don’t want to be a dumb person.”

No, I think Ukraine is your designated option. Where you can rule like a king or queen of your compound, comrade.

To build it back better?

Are we not men?

We are MaGa

I can’t. My pitch isn’t that high.

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Amazing how the “globalists, leftists, RINOs, & politically confused” have the day dream that Trump Supporters are the ones who are the blind followers.

Trump Supporters are the ones who are the individuals. The “globalists, leftists, RINOs, & politically confused” are the blind followers in their “party.” Trump Supporters party, is just regular patriotic Americans. not followers of the usurpers.


Uh, but you notify us of every Trump rally and event without fail. You demonstrate fealty to one man.

Hardly individualistic or independent in your thinking.


Trump and his supporters are only giving “fealty” to the real USA and our faith. Globalist minions surrender all that is good to a mass, HIVE of NWO wacky


We don’t want leftwing government; we don’t want rightwing government; we don’t want liberal government; we don’t want conservative government. We want Trump government!


No. We want America based in “rely on the law not the person,” principle in government. Person Politics is idiotic. Trump feels that way and so do Trump supporters. petriotic Americans are not nasty globalist, sheep

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Whoopie - another Trump rally!

Excuse me while I go yawn a while

You think Trump, a reality tv personality who says stuff like:

“I am your voice. I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order.”

“I’m the only one who can fix our problems.”

“I will give you everything. I will give you what you’ve been looking for for 50 years. I’m the only one."

isn’t invested in “PERSON POLITICS”?

Trump’s legendary ego and self-absorption are part of the package. It’s his whole ■■■■■■■ brand. For crap’s sake, he lost the presidency, but still travels around holding rallies(!) to soak up adulation and cash—in no small part, from people who believe Democrats and a cabal of celebrity globalists kill children for their adrenochrome. “PRINCIPLE.” LOL.

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Should be another great rhetorical life line for the working class.

Got my MAGA hat on already.

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Are you forced to watch?


So if one person chooses to notify others of a event…the information is available it’s up to us to consume it.

For some reason I feel tempted to comment on a certain laptop computer here but I m sure that’s just evidence of binary thinking from an ignorant rube or…


Not sure why YouTube does live feed and then removes it.

Looks like it’s still there.

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