LIVE: Pres Trump today, 1st Rally Bullhead City Az. 10-28-20

MAGA Rally in Bullhead City Arizona. Watch Live.

Another big day.

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Hopefully it is warmer here and his loyal supporters are not literally left out in the cold, for dead, needing to be rushed to the hospital after his Festivus speech.


Should have waited on that one.

Media is as guilty as anyone for the constant leftist Fraud.

Truly hilarious.

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the fraud of letting supporter after a rally out in the freezing cold? the fraud of some of them being hospitalized? not the left.

Are your chances better with the Rona or just going to a Trump rally?

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What’s the point of having a rally in Arizona anywhere but Maricopa County? Especially as a Republican?

The President is landing

Fingers crossed no seniors get abandoned.


Since Trump has no healthcare plan that he can reveal, perhaps he can at least release his bus plan?


he does! ive seen it!
it involves throwing, under, and reversing over and over and over.


The Narrative has taken on a life of its own. Full speed ahead!

If you have proof it didn’t happen, post it already. damn.

The event has been explained in the media. As have the measures taken to mitigate it until it could be resolved.

Logistics. Once again.

Are the buses on standby?


I mean it’s not everyday a campaigns stupid errors caused multiple people to go to the hospital. I personally like the new game of how will you suffer at Trump rally. Spin the wheel. Covid, hypothermia or both! When you pass that you move to the bonus round, surviving after the court takes away preexisting conditions.


Pure TDS.

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Now now - he was just trying to help them lose weight by walking, thus helping to mitigate obesity as a comorbidity. It’s not every president who is this forward thinking

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Well, not full speed.