Live feed Trump Rally in Springfield Missouri

People are lining up in Missouri getting ready for tonight’s rally. You can drag the red dot to the right to make sure you are seeing live. Or push the word LIVE by little red dot at bottom.

So exciting. We need Presidents to campaign all the time, and golf. There isn’t much else that they should be doing anyway.

There’s another one?

Rallies are Trump’s safe place. Some Americans really like showing their love for him.

Man, Obama was really normal.

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How many people do they have to pay to fill up a school gym?

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Funny. HysteriCons spent years calling Obama the Campaigner-In-Chief. Saying he was spending too much time campaigning and not working. Yet here are the same ones who are just giddy with excitement every time Trump has another “rally”. Funny how easily they become hypocrites.


Look at how small that hand is! :joy:

As to another rally, does this ■■■■■■ ever work?

Watching the live feed, might help some people learn something about America.

The lack of cynicism and hate might upset some people

i don’t think you’re gonna see a lot of debate or hear differing opinions at a politician’s political rally.

Your fealty is admirable. Thanks so much for starting this thread and letting us get a look at a side of trump that we don’t normally see.

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Yes, I’m quite sure a Trump rally is the perfect place for an open respectful exchange of differing ideas.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to call Santa and tell him what I want for Christmas…

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There will be as many as 30 rallys leading up to November.

Joy Villa is on screen at the moment.

Doesn’t the President have more important things to do?

Perhaps someone forgot to tell him he’s already been elected…

■■■■■■ to be grabbed and golf balls to be hit

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These rallys are essential for the objectives. It’s not about leisure time or fooling around.

Fat donald being an idiot as usual.

"This is an incredible time for our country. America is winning again."
Right after one another. Lol!

"It is a pretty sad day, isn’t it? Don’t worry. It’s all going to get better. It’s all going to get better."

"And do you remember the tears from the fake news media, when it was obvious that we were going to win?"

"They’re still crying. Look at them. They’re still crying."

"I mean, Wacky Jacky will never vote for us, folks. Never. She’s wacky. She’s never going to vote for us."

"Today’s Democrat Party is held hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, socialist fanatics, ‘deep-state’ bureaucrats, and their fake news allies."

"The New York Times, like, they apologized to their subscribers because they covered the election so badly, because their subscribers say, how could this happen?"

"People don’t read The New York Times, because it’s a dishonest newspaper.

My favorites.

"Hispanic, any Hispanic here? I think so."

"Any Asians? Asian? Asian? Any Asian?"

The President is going to be on next.

A celebration of America, with bright hope for the future.

The auditorium is still filling up.

Ah, the days of “Campaigner in Chief” used to ring with angry fervor around here when 44 was the leader.

Now its "All hail our great and wonderful master, watch him get his minions to chant “Lock her up” and “Build that Wall”. Dreamy eyes.