Live coverage of the funeral for George H.W. Bush

I didn’t see a thread on this, so I wanted to post it for anyone who wanted to watch. This is a live stream of Bush’s funeral. It started at 11 a.m. this morning.

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W is a funny guy.

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Bush 43’s eulogy was touching. He almost broke down towards the end.

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I was hoping we could keep this thread about remembering Bush.

I understand.

This is not the time for a comment such as this have some respect

Jesus, just stop already.


Please try to have a little respect. This isn’t the thread for this.

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Very moving ceremony. When the hearse arrived at the cathedral and the band did the “ruffles and flourishes” then broke into “Hail to the Chief” I teared up. It was, emotional.

So much to think about there? What with the mantle of ‘family patriarch’ falling onto George W’s shoulders; to thinking about Papa Bush’s Secret Service detail and how many of them served him and for how long? That and the former President’s post White House staff. They are no just losing an employment position but I imagine they had become very close to him, perhaps even familia in a sense.

Jena’s message was lovely, given with so much joy and sorrow, all rolled up into one ball. No doubt of the great love she had for her grandfather.

A sad passing, but a true American send off of a great man, no saint, but a great man!


Maybe it was a note i voted for Hillary.

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First president I ever voted for, in 1988.

I don’t buy into most Greatest Generation rhetoric - it tends to dehumanize the people who grew up in that time and depicts them as one-dimensional. But Bush did, at some level, represent an age when sacrifice and service to others were regarded as virtues. An anachronism in our current age where we are much more concerned about our individual status and gain. Hopefully the social pendulum will swing back.


I wasn’t quite old enough to vote when he ran for President. I would have definitely voted for him though. I was actually taking a high school class in government that year, and we held a mock election in our class. It was quite the learning experience.

I thought it was a beautiful and moving service and celebration of the life of a very honorable man.

The outpouring of love and respect has been a wonderful thing to see.

I loved what W said at the end… his dad was holding Robin and his wife’s hand. He is the only family member left who knew his little sister.


I feel the same.
It was America caring and showing respect on display plus I was fascinated by Military presentations…it was awesome to watch.