LIVE at Walter Reed! Support for the President

MONDAY LIVE FEED AT WALTER REED…now on! The President will be leaving hospital today at
6:30 est

The live feed from Walter Reed has gone down for now and will be back up in morning. Currently they are LIVE showing week old Ohio rally with a current live chat. or you can drag red bar back to beginning and see what you missed.

That’s awesome that people are out there supporting the President during his illness.

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Pretty sad. The POTUS rolled the dice and lost. And now his supporters are out there supporting him still rolling the dice. And if they believe that by not wearing a mask and social distancing they are making a statement, well they are. They are being stupid and don’t give a damn about their fellow Americans. Simple as that.

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Live feed is down.

Doctors aren’t volunteering whether it’s been placed on oxygen, because it might affect the positive vibe of the story.


Right now, RSBN is airing a live chat on a Rally from a week ago. They may go back to Walter Reed at any time

This Dear Leader stuff is unseemly.


Strange. Seems a bit crowded out there and less than half the Trump supporters are wearing masks. I know it is outside, which helps, but…

everyone behind him have masks on.

Behind who? Was watching the live feed of Trump supporters near Walter Reed (I assume). Not very many masks there.

That live stream is down right down. It will be back. I am looking at the current live feed, currently showing the Ohio rally. They are returning to Walter Reed in the morning.

I was in Hollywood last night in the car, and literally NO ONE walking on Hollywood Blvd or at restaurants or clubs were wearing masks. NO ONE. 90% leftists of course.

There are new mask studies coming out right now. Such as reduces O2 levels by large percentage.

Just watch rally footage from a week ago and relax.

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So is your implication.

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Nah, jefe. Hated it for the Clintonites, Obamaphiles and Reagan hagiographers. (The Bushes, at least, had the decency to he silly, flawed men who don’t inspire rabid devotion.)

The LIVE feed at Walter Reed will be back in the morning. in the meantime there are live chats on replays of Recent rallys

Went to a gas station on Sunset blvd last night after leaving Hollywood Blvd. The gas station was packed. Not a single person wearing masks, there either.

The only people I saw people wearing masks on Sunset Blvd last night were at a large Trump support Rally on Sunset Blvd,

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The hatred from the left towards this man knows no bounds.


How many are there?

How so?

A lot of them are unemployed and sitting at home waiting to riot and waiting for free rent, free everything. Delusional. Wasting their lives doing nothing. It’s “capitalistic to work”