LIVE: 3rd rally --President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Rochester, MN 10-30-20

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Rochester, MN 10-30-20

On his way to Minnesota

Another Critical Event. …The sleazy Mn. Governor only allowing 250 people.

What happens when thousands show up?

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Hopefully they are arrested and deported to a leper colony.


I saw “Rochester” and almost had a heart attack. Thankfully he’s trying to infect the one in Minnesota.

Good question.

Does the Constitution still apply? Will the voters in MN defy the lockdown liberals?

It should be cold enough for ski masks…no worry there.

Hate to disappoint a patriot like Ellison.

It will be fine…an outdoor protest just like Philadelphia… without the free ATM and TVs.

Nah. Covid likes red hats

It’s a happy protest. No problem now right?

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You will feel foolish when the truth comes out. GO CHANGE YOUR VOTE


Don’t be aiding and abetting leftist criminals and rogue political corruption any longer.

America will NEVER go commie.


Make sure everyone tracks their vote. Make sure the machines don’t change your vote.

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A few voters in Nashville have reported that. They voted Trump. Looked at the card before putting it into the machine and noticed it said BIDEN.

They complained and tried it again and it worked right the 2nd time.

One can only wonder how many didn’t check their ballots before handing them over.

I always check mine.

I don’t vote or live in Nashville either! No way.


After the election, and the Trump landslide, things will move fast.

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I quite enjoy these stream of consciousness threads.

I own this guitar. The exact one. John Lee Hooker use to own it

Is that stream of consciousness?

52 les paul john lee hooker

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Truth about what?

About the money. received by Biden, Obama and others.

Still hanging your hat on that, eh? That’s ok. When we find out about Donnie’s money him and his criminal enterprise would have already fled the country.


You are imagining things.

Going after Ellison pretty hard.

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