LIVE: 1st Rally today President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Bucks County, PA 10/31/20

1st Rally today starts in 1 hour Bucks County PA

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He’s preaching to the choir…

I have already posted the first three Rallys of Today in PA. They will wait till it goes live. This is the first one coverage starting in 2 hours.

How many more deaths will the president be responsible for after this weekend?

“Applying county-specific post-event death rates, we conclude that the rallies likely led to more than 700 deaths (not necessarily among attendees).”

Awesome! Another day of Trump roulette. Which will it be today hypothermia, heat exhaustion or covid?

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I wonder how he’s going to top yesterday when he said the frontline doctors are lying about COVID deaths so they can make more money.

Since the plague already hit Joe Biden’s brain and he’s just fine, Nothing to worry about.

People who want to hide from reality are already on eternal lockdown in their lives.

You have so called experts trading in Vaccine patents for the big bucks… That’s pretty shameful

They can make MORE money selling virus sequences to China.

So next time you get an automated call to go get your flu vaccine check it’s effectiveness and believe their statistics. It’s so honest

But go ahead just move back to China. America has good things to do.

You write the weirdest things.

The brain dead New Speak fad…“trunalimunumaprzure”. The Word Salad cure…watch it 10 times, your immune.

Not spam… topical. As topical as it gets.

Every rally is a work of art.

Beep beep.


Seen one rally, seen them all.

There are huge lines outside

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Just heard Sean Connery passed away at age 90.

Yesterday I watched that old scifi “Outland.”

I need to re-watch “A Fine Madness”. that was hysterical.

Normally people just accept that there is a normal death rate from various diseases and germs. Some people who have very frail psychologies live in great fear of “catastrophic expectations”. They know who they are.

There is nothing unusual about that. Strange this past year total death numbers in the US, is a bit less than the previous year in the same period of time.

Usual amounts of persistent fear, is a symptom of numerous psychiatric disorders. This is why these weak people cause the rise in Opioids. Anything to escape their fear–few like to take SSRI’s for depression it has a major side effect of turning people into impotent zombies. They take Opioids to temporarily feel better. That turns into an even a bigger nightmare.

People claiming to be scientific really should read The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. There are worker bees of science, but there can be real scientists. Know the difference.

There is a new Virus Paradigm that is being ignored.

Coverage starts in 10 minutes

Coverage has begun…The President should arrive shortly.

Another day another Laptop.

There is a developing story about Christopher Wray and the Biden Laptop. Hopefully The AG isn’t part of it. Those living in the swamp for a long time, can become swamp creatures. Sorry but there is no excuse, even if the whole DOJ had descended into swamp, it will be reformed soon.

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Lol - Trump had 4 years to “reform” the DOJ. It is unlikely he’ll do it in the next couple of months that he has left