Little trip down memory lane

Does anyone remember that it was Clinton that helped Russia to build it’s own silicon valley?

That’s right…it wasn’t all that long ago that she help raised over 3 billion dollars.

Which was then no doubt used to hack into DNC and her own business/personal server.

The program was pitched as a partnership involving U.S. and Russian government entities and companies. Major U.S. corporations like Boeing, Google, General Electric, Cisco and Microsoft – also generous donors to the Clinton’s family foundation – were solicited by Clinton to invest more than a billion dollars in the Skolkovo tech park outside Moscow, formally called the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The goal, Clinton said in speeches and to Russian media, was to “break down barriers with Russia,” create “more free flow of people and information” between the two countries, and ultimately strengthen Russia.

“We want to help because we think that it’s in everyone’s interest do so,” Clinton said in a 2010 speech at a U.S.-Russia summit, as she discussed building a technology center “right outside Moscow.”

It was only afterwards FBI warned them that it could be used for industrial espionage or sensitive/classified federal materials and other sinister use.

So ironically it was Clinton that aided and abetted the Russians to hack into DNC and her own server…at Obama blessing no less.

Just though I should rum some more salt into libs wounds.


I like trips down memory lane. I was wondering when all you followers of right wing pundits were echoing their criticisms of Hillary’s decision to stay with her cheating husband and questioning her motives for doing so were going to do the same with Melania?


Trips down memory lanes are even better when there was seething anger over Presidents playing golf.

I don’t blame Bill cheating on Hillary.

Now Trump is a fool…Melania is pretty hot.


I do. You know what ad makes me sick? The Ashley Madison ad

Not only have both mates been publicly humiliated but their children have been too.


Don’t infuriate them with facts. :grinning:

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Conan, just move to Russia and get it over with.

Notice not one single libs talked about this scandal…not to mention that FBI warned em about it back in 2014.

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I rather pack you guys in on shipping containers first…and then to shipped to ports of Siberia.

Well, I will make sure to not vote for Hillary Clinton this coming November.


Trumpists new mantra “we’re just like hilllarrryyy”


Yep. Op is too dim to realize that putting his hero Trump on the same footing as Hillary doesn’t make him look so great. Talk radio told him to start this thread, though, so you can’t really blame him.

Oh you poor little lib…did I insult you?

Too bad.


Nope. You just look foolish. You equating Trump with Hillary makes him look foolish. Why do you guys think that makes Trump look better? Is it the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” doctrine? I get it if that’s the mental depth you have.


They have very selective memories.

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Who was responsible for protecting America from Russian interference during the 2016 election?

The answer:

CIA Director John Brennan
DNI James Clapper
FBI Director James Comey
AG Loretta Lynch
President Obama

But Trump is the only one who has to answer for it?

Hmmmm. :thinking:


Indeed…I would want to forget too.

The fact is Hillary with Obama blessing personally helped the Russians to hack and undermine our Constitutional Republic.


Are you really talking about Dimocrats? Some Dims I know are about as bright as a refrigerator bulb. Peace and Love, Bosun

If you go back through all his posts towards me…nothing but personal insults.

And All I need to do is use the word lib and it drives em crazy. :wink:

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