Little Sisters of the Poor

Where are these “my taxes” arguments when it’s say, someone who objects to their taxes being used for military adventures they don’t agree with?

Sometimes taxes pay for things you don’t or agree with, and some of those tax dollars go to people you don’t like.

I’d like to see a “religious freedom” argument that wasn’t being used as A. justification for discrimination or to get some exemption that the rest of society has no issue with, at some point.

another lefty pro baby killing thread. my goodness

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Then elect representatives who will do that.


Correct FH.

It’s one thing to prevent implantation but once it occurs you’re crossed into a completely different realm.

It’s the same difference as simply being indifferent and not allowing someone into your home leaving them to die of natural causes in a blizzard and actively ripping them out of their room and throwing them into the street to die.


No your not.

We try and they try. Leftist babies run to the cherry picked leftist courts every time they are told no.

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When you’ve gotten through 30 and 40 level embryology courses come back and let’s have this discussion as peers.


The Little Sisters of the Poor is a Roman Catholic organization. Why should they be forced to fund what violates their spiritual beliefs?

And just how broke are women, most of who work outside the home, that they cannot pay for it? Or at least a copay like the rest of us pay for those other prescriptions?

What’s next? Forcing Kosher markets to stock shrimp or pork products?


Found an answer for my question about pricing.

So, even if uninsured, not paying for any health insurance plan at all, most working women don’t have up to $50 per month to pay for their own pills?

Most likely, if insured, the exam to get the script is covered at least partially. Funny, the exam to get a medical marijuana license in my state of residence costs $200, cash, check, or credit card, and license is $65, same method of payment, not covered by insurance, and libs are quiet as mice about that.

They’re not demanding free pot—actually pretty effective for pain from many problems—or that insurance cover the licensure exam. Guess that’s liberal selection.

Don’t wanna pay for your own bc, they’ll coddle you and force everyone else to pay for it. In pain, forget about you. You can just cough up either the money for exam & license fee, or for the products themselves as recreational user. And they aren’t cheap, with recreational tax.

Yes I am.

Someone who was PC on Facebook told me during a debate that I was stupid because I said I had a 3.7 GPA at the moment. She was like, “out of what? 15?” trying to insult me. :joy:

God, these pro-infanticide people are dumb as as doorknobs and yet they want to lecture us about science and “their choice.”

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If you’re going to make me pay for abortion through taxes, then you have to pay for my college education, my healthcare (both mental and medical), and buy me a pony or a horse. I want a blanket Appaloosa, now that I think about it. :slight_smile:

Nope you still haven’t.

Because funding IS NOT the same as performing.

He’s got a greater base of knowledge than you, or so that I know of. What is your education in developmental biology, embryology, and healthcare or abortion overall?

Funding leads to performing. It provides the resources.

Irrelevant, high school biology is enough to know that when it comes to abortion you have not crossed into a completely different realm.

College and healthcare, no problem. Next.