Little Sisters of the Poor

Why are these ladies still having to go through litigation?

To. me. their position is correct. All they wanna do is help the elderly. Leave them alone already. If they dont want to pay for someones abortion, they shouldnt have to. The left would rather put them out of business than to let them get away with not participating in someones abortion. Them filling out a letter to the govt is them participating. Leave them alone already.…eptive-mandate


They don’t want to murder unborn children? The nerve!


Birth control is murder???


What do you call Partial Birth Abortion?

This has to do with birth control not abortion.

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Not true…It has to do with Abortion producing drugs.

Why not believe them on what their position is over what others say that their positions are?


Just … stop it.

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Because it’s easier for libs to misconstrue to make their arguments sound reasonable.


Birth control is not murder. Nor is ending a 5 day old pregnancy!

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Chris was corrected on that. It takes abject dishonesty to conclude that it’s merely about “birth control”.

Of course I expected you would come in and caucus with the libs on that dishonest portrayal.

If you read the article, the Little Sisters say nothing about murder. Nor did I. Go bother someone who did.


The blastocyst implants at around 4 days. By then, pregnancy has begun.


Abortion is NOT birth control. And it never should be.


And the biological life is created at conception.

Libs don’t have to believe that (biology notwithstanding), but for religious people who value the inherent worth of that life, they should not be forced by lib law to accommodate the killing of that life.

Why libs insist that they must is beyond me.


As I have said a couple of times here, the pro-choice crowd has one of the worst fanbases, perhaps the most hateful group on the planet. They only too easily resort to name-calling and bullying, some of them gaslight and say what their doing is not bullying, others rationalize it saying the pro-life person deserved it. I have never seen a liberal defend other issues as vehemently as they defend abortion.

The pro-choice group is toxic as heck, especially on Facebook. If you simply say for a person to consider all their options, and give a link to a pregnancy resource center, PCers will go in swarms to put you down. They are not pro-choice. They are pro-abortion.

I had to leave one of the groups I moderate because of this one pro-“choice” admin who decided to bully me for that very thing, about giving some resources that would suggest something other than abortion. She also blames me for her provoking me, because I said “pro-life” ■■■■■■■■■ I also got called a smart ass and uneducated. She hasn’t even gone to college. She’s ■■■■■■■ insane.

Nope still pro-choice, as long as you don’t apply any sort of coercion then suggest to your hearts content.

I can go along with pro choice as long as you fund your choice. Dont expect others to fund it for you.

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Sorry but once you pay your taxes it’s no longer your money.

Taxes shouldn’t be going to pay for it.


Why should any private entity be forced to pay 100% for another’s birth control? Just how much does it cost, anyway?

Seems, per the article, the left challenging the Little Sisters for the Poor has no troubles at all with secular companies like Pepsi, or government agencies, getting exemptions from this unjust mandate.

Yet the Little Sisters of the Poor wants it, that’s a no can do. Gee, I thought the Left was all for helping the poor.

Yet an order of nuns who have taken vows of poverty must he further burdened with court battles. This is total hypocrisy.

The 100% coverage mandate for bc must end. Anyone wants a plan that covers preventive services and prophylactics totally covered, they should be the ones picking and paying for such plans—not the entire insured population or those by conscience opposed.


The Left supports freedom of choice—as long as it’s THEIR choices.

You want something else—particularly if you’re someone they don’t like, like a Christian organization—that freedom isn’t for you.