Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden

Literally visiting him

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Yes. I real twist would be if Harris nominates Obama to be VP and then resigns.

The 22nd amendment says bans Obama from being elected as President, but I see no restriction assuming the office after an appointment as the VP.

Of course, Obama has baggage of his own.

Very sad indeed.

I always love it when members of the “party of independent thinkers” fall backwards over each other to be the first to regurgibleet something they saw in their favorite media.


Did you have a point or are you just keeping up your daily post count?


Still the POTUS and not Trump and that’s a really good thing.



Your side kept stating that Trump diminished the office. Now you have video proof of Americans avoiding him like a creepy uncle who wants to give them a massage while smelling their hair.

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Actually, I think I just figured it out. If so, then nothing to fear. Perhaps he was just looking around for children to sniff.

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Sure if you like a Swiss cheese southern border High crime massive inflation an economy headed toward recession federal law enforcement being sent to deal with parents who don’t like their kids being taught mindless garbage, that disaster in Afghanistan, and a world that’s been standing in the ledge looking down at WW3…Biden’s been ■■■■■■■ awesome.

Edited to add…and a Vice President who is generally recognized as being dumber than a rock…

Other than those little tidbits Joseph Robinette Biden might be the greatest president who ever lived!

(Except he’s not and America is worse off for his presence in the White House…but hey be a good lib and deflect to Trump!)


Ketanji > Amy.

So yes Biden has delivered the goods on that front.


Big frocking deal. You get still got a 6-3 court and oh by the way Republicans were far more respectful to the Biden nominee than anything kommie and Booker and that brain dead moron from Hawaii and the rest of those people were to Trump nominees…

So yee haw.


Did you say Ketanji is greater than Amy.

That’s just stupid she’s part of a 3 justice minority.

Plus the clown they elected virtually guarantees a republican wins in 2024, court could end up 7-2 or even 8-1 lol


Actually it is. trading in an old car for a new one is a big deal.

Look at how long Thomas has been there.

Expect the same or longer for Ketanji.


The odds of course say differently. 2024 will again come down to the swing states electoral votes as the dems will once again gather more popular votes as they have done for the past 30 years (save for 2004).

Odds right now are:

Dems 6-5
Reps 9-10

Reps are slight favorites for 2024


Did she ever figure out what a woman is?

She’s probably eminently qualified, but she’s another lib who will vote in lockstep with all the other libs, and could very possibly be in-that minority her entire career. She got through her hearings ok but from what I watched she wasn’t that impressive. Answered questions she needed to and dodged the ones she didn’t.

In a way I feel bad for her, had that moron you voted for simply announced he was going to nominate that best available candidate to reflect his criteria for a nominee she probably would have had no more problems being confirmed than she is having right now, but courtesy of Biden’s gender and skin color test there will always be a question as to her status and qualifications.


She have the next 30 years on SCOTUS to ponder that earth shattering question.


She could be part of a liberal minority for a very long time.

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My point is the RW blogosphere provided you with a video clip and their slant, and like good little sheeple you stumbled over each other to regurgibleet it here, and then engaged in a mutal back patting session for doing so.

“Independent thinkers”. :rofl:


Biden is such a pathetic president…working hand in hand with some of the worst cabinet officials imaginable, and the poster children for term limits Schumer and San Fran Nan (anybody else started to wonder if she hasn’t lost a large part of her mental ability?) that the well is being poisoned got Democrats.

They’ve alienated parents, they’ve according to polls lost a big chunk of the Hispanic vote, independents are leaning the other way.

That’s good…the one bright spot in Biden’s otherwise disastrous presidency hopefully will be an annihilation at the polls in November.