Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden

First, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t take his call. Then Rusia wouldnt take his calls. Now it is looking like Americans dont pay him any attention either.

Is this what you guys were talking about when you said that Trump diminished the office?

This is really sad, but I hope he can hold out 3 more years to prevent Harris from taking over.


And remember, he got more votes than any other president in history.


I watched the video…what a lost man and since that’s true…right now…so are “we the people”.


Why should anyone talk to him? It’s about like talking to a sign post. :roll_eyes:


Did he? Doubtful.


I think there is no way to ever know because of all the mail in ballots.


That’s true. Lots of monkey shines went on in that last election.

I don’t comment much on it because i think the libs get a kick out of how they “won” it.

I’m off my stump now. :+1:


maybe it’s because talking to the “mail-in” president is as effective as talking to a postage stamp?


Can’t say I blame them. Who the hell would want to talk to that? :rofl:


But like this sign post.

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What a sad video of a lost, demented man. lol


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Tucker Carlson has concluded that they have.

He pointed to recent incident at the White House where former-President Obama and other leading Democrats literally turned their backs on President Biden. See video starting at 3:00.

Carson goes on to show video clips from Democrat media contradicting the narratives from the White House that Putin is responsible for inflation.

My observation is that the timing of the New York Times’s admission that the Biden laptop is real and not “Russian disinformation” is not co-incidence. That admission had to have at least tacit approval from elements within the surveillance state that enforced the gag order to begin with. The current shunning of Biden appears to be an extension of that change. Reading the US media has become a bit like interpreting the Pravda and Izvestia during the Soviet Union; they contain little real news, but they can provide subtle clues about internal conflicts within the ruling party.

Is Carson right about Democrats turning on Biden?

Are we soon going to have a Cackler-in-Chief?

Who is going to become the VP?


Scary. Brandon is suffering from some level of dementia but Kamala is just plain dumber than a box of rocks.

Like i said. Scary.


If there was an election today between Brandon and Commie-la, I’d vote Brandon. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


That’s scary too.

Well this is fun exercise in mental m……


Did you see the pictures of poor lost confused Biden at the White House yesterday when Obama came by. The ex president showed up and everyone surrounded him.

The current president alternately wandered around the room looking lost and confused, occasionally standing with his hand on Obama’s shoulder looking like the third string manager of the JV team.

“Joe Biden was pictured Tuesday looking lost after fans ignored him to flock around Barack Obama during the former president’s first trip back to the White House since leaving office…Biden, 79, was filmed raising his hands in gentle exasperation Tuesday, as he was ignored by a group who instead ran to greet Obama, 60.” Joe Biden looks bereft at White House event as fans flock to see former President Barack Obama

The Biden family is disgusting…50 years of parasit-ing off the taxpayers and peddling influence to enrich themselves…

But I actually felt a little sorry for the old boy yesterday. Joe’s own people just cast him aside so they could hang with the cool kid Obama.

Are the Dems ready to toss Joe in the dumpster? I think they are heading in that direction.


It’s sad when you can look at that woman and know that she would be a worse president than someone as terrible as Biden.


Are you fine with Obama literally turning his back on the sitting President?