LINDSEY UNLOADS: Sen. Graham Says He’s ‘FIGHTING BACK’ Against Democratic Playbook

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Sen. Lindsey Graham warned his Democratic colleagues that he’s prepared to “fight back” against their election playbook; saying it’s finally time to “change the make-up of the Senate.”

Graham was speaking with Fox News when he was asked to comment on his recent campaign trips across the country to help elect Republicans during the upcoming 2018 midterm election.

"What you did is you basically took the rule of law, turned it upside down, you tried to destroy a good man in Brett Kavanaugh. You want power too much. And I’m fighting back. I didn’t do this to your nominees,” said Graham.

“Now it’s time to change the make-up of the Senate. Chuck Schumer has control over all these people in Trump states. They’re trying to undercut the election. President Trump won all of these states,” he added.