Lindsey Graham: “You’ve got guns. Use them.”

On January 6th:

The Senate and House leaders had been evacuated by Capitol Police and taken to an undisclosed location, but many lawmakers remained in their chambers for a few minutes before they were led to safety in the Hart Senate Office Building.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham was irate that senators were forced to flee their own chamber. He yelled at the Senate sergeant-at-arms. “What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them.” The South Carolina senator was adamant. “We give you guns for a reason,” he repeated. “Use them.”


Obviously he felt the situation was dire enough to warrant lethal force. What say you? Agree or no?

Sounds like Lindsey was scared.


Lindsay is about to get that Dubya redemption. :rofl:


? Become a “good” republican?


We all know what happens when an Establishment con says something that libs want to hear. Extra credit if they say something bad about ol’ DT. :wink:


Actually, “you’ve got guns, use them” sounds like something I would say.


What’s funny is after saying he was “done” with Trump after 1/6, he went quickly back to bowing and scraping. When looking up the word craven, his picture should pop up.


Yeah, I don’t care for him.

Yeah: Graham is such a wind sock, why pay attention to anything he says?

I gave up on him after he failed to stand up for McCain, but I wasn’t a fan even before that. I also don’t understand why SC keeps voting him back in.

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Both sides agree, Lindsey needs to go. Works for me. Oh and for the FBI or Capital police, by needs to go, I mean retire and spend time with the grand kids.


Lindsey is scared of his own shadow.

For whatever reason, the good people of SC keep electing him.

I consider it evidence they are collectively insane.

That simply goes to demonstrate the psychological damage that can come from giving boys a girl’s name. :wink:


And the Cheney excommunication

First, yes to everything said above.

Second, we’re relying on a quote from who exactly??

And finally, “Use them” doesn’t necessarily mean what libs are fantasizing about here.

But yeah, what everyone else said.

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Well, ok, what else could “use them” have meant?

Too many places to start on this. If Graham said this he was “wetting his pants” scared. I am willing to bet there are published “use of force” regulations for every armed security/police agency operating on the grounds of the Capital. Those rules, and only those rules, cover when deadly force (firearms) are justified. A bunch of riled up folks doesn’t justify use of deadly force all by its self, unless of course some want our law enforcement to go to a shoot first type policy. Under the law, there are bright red lines that must be crossed to justify use of deadly force. And the use of firearms in law enforcement is always considered use of deadly force.


That’s what I was thinking…well, not ‘you’ specifically…

Yes, me specifically.