Lindsey Graham leaves chamber as video of him during Clintons impeachment is played

He would previously not cared about that. Something happened to him.

Clinton committed 11 separate felonies as outlined in the articles of impeachment.

And?..Graham said 30 years ago that no actual crime is needed. Now saying a president can’t be impeached without a crime…funny how that works.

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He was cleared of impeachment according to Alan Dershowitz.

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I thought you weren’t allowed to leave the chamber.

So what? Graham isn’t exactly an authority on impeachments or on The Constitution.

No, Dole was too worried about opinion polls to do the right thing. His guilt was proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

How exactly could he stop Trump from disparaging McCain? Be specific.

What was Nadler’s response to this at the time? That’s what counts. One must be consistent and he’s the one pushing this impeachment so…is he? The answer is no…which means…if it wasn’t acceptable to him then, he can’t use it now and awwwwwwwwww…isn’t that tooooooo bad. :sunglasses:

That duplicity and hypocrisy mirror is a one way mirror apparently.

Not stop him…But speak out him against him for doing so…

So virtu signalling is more important than actually accomplishing anything?

I’m sure Lindsay is deeply disturbed he’s lost your vote.

Nice re-write of history.

Clinton was found not guilty.
Both counts.

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Lindsay is excited you are still fully on the Trump* train. Choo choo! Full steam ahead.

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No rewrite period, He was unquestionably guilty of the charges filed part of which was proven in court when he lied to a federal Judge about same.

Dole was a coward and caved due to the polls, not because Clinton had successfully made his case.

When you have nothing else to offer I suppose you think this is a winning tactic.

It’s not.


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Senate found Clinton not guilty. Anything else is just caveats and add-ons.


My question is why GOP senators keep getting away with leaving the chamber when the rules THEY set state all Senators have to remain in the chamber while statements are going on.


Lol you’re making the opposite argument in a number of thread.