Lindsey Graham leaves chamber as video of him during Clintons impeachment is played

I would imagine it would be just a tad uncomfortable for him…lol.

That ought to win over Republican Senators for sure.

Of course, Nadler isn’t trying to do anything but play to his base.


By showing Graham’s true colors.

Using Graham’s own words… of course.

I haven’t been following Graham that closely. Is he arguing now that impeachment isn’t possible unless an actual crime has occurred? Got a reference? Because this trick falls pretty flat if he hasn’t been arguing that an actual crime is required.

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But typical of politicians to resurrect the past in order to fit the narrative of the present.
There will be more bet on it. Wouldn’t be surprised a video exists of Graham or perhaps other Senators spitting on the sidewalk somewhere.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., perhaps Trump’s most vocal defender on Capitol Hill, indicated his supposed openness to impeachment with this statement: “Sure. I mean, show me something that is a crime.”


“Abuse of power is so poorly defined here I don’t know presidents in the future can confirm their conduct,” Graham said. “It’s the first impeachment in history where there’s no allegation of a crime by the president.”

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As if this was politics both sides are saying the opposite of what they said during the Clinton impeachment.

A true statement. Limiting it to impeached Presidents, of course.

In that context, he’s not playing to his base. There is a base of Trump supporters that will vote for him no matter what. There is a DEM base that will vote for the DEM no matter what.

This is targeting those that really decide the election who are the independents. The 20-30% in the middle that really decide the elections if they show up.


More Repub flip flipping

Come on man there’s only three and that’s not true.

Snowflake Graham felt his pants on fire.

Scurries out like the little rat he is when the sunshine hits him.


He can’t handle the truth!

Seriously, anyone (Trump supporter or critic) who trusts that oily little weasel is setting themselves up for disappointment.


You are assuming he has a conscious.

Oh he has a conscious, but he’s lost his conscience. :rofl:

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He was honestly on my long list of Republican candidates that I would have voted for over Hillary. I don’t know what happened to him.

Trumpism happened to him.

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FOMT…happened to him. He lost all respect when he let his good friend McCain get disparaged by the Orange Blob.

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I bet he ran to Trump* and asked for a hug.

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