Lindsay Graham admit suppressing the black vote is part of the GOP policy

Lindsay made a big mistake today when he made an off hand remark about voter suppression, showing his true colours.

“In two instances, Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions in his first days and months in office had the Justice Department change sides in the middle of an important civil rights case,” Morial said, referring to the Trump administration’s abandonment of challenges to a voter purge in Ohio and a Texas voter ID law that treats conceal-carry gun permits as valid, but rejects ID cards from a government job or public college. If you think people whose votes were systematically repressed by the white establishment for decades after they were freed from slavery at gunpoint should like Republicans more, Morial was saying, perhaps you should look at what Republicans actually do with power when it’s given to them.

In his scramble to regain the momentum in the exchange, Graham accidentally gave the game away.

“Elections have consequences,” the senator interjected — perhaps not realizing he’d just answered his own earlier bewilderment at how poorly Republicans are viewed by the people they move to harm when they win.

That was interesting.

I haven’t oppressed anyone today. Or ever.

Yawn. The race card factory is working overtime.

snick snort …


drink it in kids!

Graham did no such thing.

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But they deemed it so.

Started a thread and everything.

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Well duh.

It’s not like this is a secret. The guy in PA also came right out and said it a few years ago,

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You people doth protest too much.

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I don’t believe that… Why would he shoot himself in the foot like that. Every person, every Vote is precious, especially with the ILLEGALS VOTING for those who give out the most freebies !! Fake news…

Maybe graham can bribe the splc to clear it up for him.

The person was explaining how DOJ under Session stopped their own going motion to deal with suppression of black voters in two states and Graham replied “Election have consequences”

Graham seem to think what he said was wrong seeing how he apologized a few seconds later.

It ended up helping get the law overturned.

illegal don’t vote.

If there is nothing wrong with that he said why did he apologize?

Who is???

I don’t think this is a valid conclusion to draw from the facts …

… which is why a number of regular cons popped up on the thread! :wink:

Now the Trump/Putin lovefest threads… :rofl:

Omg YOURE Lindsey graham?!

He may have said the wrong thing because he was confused by that persons word salad. That is not the same thing as admitting suppressing the black vote. Just because “Think Progress” puts it in a title doesn’t make it true.

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Except we know it’s true.

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What did Trump’s voter fraud commission find? Hint it was a nothing berder.

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