Lincoln Project Never not just Anti-Trump, but Anti-Republican

Can you believe back in 2016 the Lincoln Project guys thought that Trump would rip the GOP in twain and cause disunity and chaos and sully the brand? Lol

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Imagine that

As of yet, I have never heard an “in other words” where the other words were anything even close to what was said.


What other Democrats has the Lincoln Project endorsed? How about the never-Trump Republicans/conservatives on “some other forum”?

“The Lincoln Project produced a number of anti-Trump and pro-Biden television advertisements.[35] The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called the project’s ads “devastating for several reasons: They are produced with lightning speed, and thereby catch the public debate at just the right moment; they hammer Trump where he is personally most vulnerable (e.g., concerns about his vigor, concerns about foreign corruption); and they rely to a large extent on Trump himself—his words and actions.”[36] As of June 2020, about two-thirds of the group’s television advertisements were focusing on the 2020 presidential election, but the Lincoln Project also created ads backing Democrats in other races, such as an ad in Montana promoting Governor Steve Bullock’s Senate candidacy against incumbent Republican Steve Daines.[35] Additionally, they released videos attacking Republican Senators Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, all of whom were up for reelection in 2020, as enablers of Trump.[37]

Free Trade has led to China ascendancy and the pilfering of intellectual theft of our property, and China taking advantage of us. When tariffs are applied against us, is it free trade when they get access to our market with no tariffs on them?

Ronald Reagan in 1986 allowed immigration when he thought that there would be border security. He legalized them and the condition was border security. He was against

The Simpson-Mazzoli compromise bill (the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986) was predicated on the bargain that in exchange for blanket amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants**, liberals would honor their half of the bargain by following through with closing the border. Instead, illegal immigration soared, as word got out that the amnesty was accompanied by a de facto open border.** In 2006, President George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act, whose professed intent was the completion of the border fence, but which was almost immediately encumbered with a number of waivers that postponed any action.

Reagan even Bush was not for open borders and they wanted Border Security. Now, drugs are coming in and destroying thousands of lives of Americans and many of the Latina women girls are getting raped when they come in, not good for them either.

Trump is against equality? In what way is he against equality and how are his policies different from other Republicans?

Separation of Church and state. What Church did he want to Nationalize? The attack on religious conscience has definitely gotten worse. Liberals are trying to force Catholic Hospitals to do abortions.

Trump offered consience protections for Catholic hospitals. He helped Little Sisters of the Poor. Liberals are for taking away those rights. The attack on religious freedom is more urgent than in the past. Helping to defend religious freedoms from attacks by Democrats is pretty conservative imo and is not establishing religion.

Now, these things you mentioned are pre Trump Republicanism, absoluitely none of the Lincoln Project Democratic candidates campaigned on any of these things. Nothing about Free Trade.

Now, the Lincoln Project did not run on these issues any way. Immigration, open borders of Democrats were not in line with any of the past Republican Presidents. Lincoln Project people are liberal, and you guys like it. But the Lincoln Project commercials are based on attacks from the Left, absolutely none of them are attacks from a past Republican point of view.

All them dudes were hardcore conservatives until they went against Herr Trump.

Did you even read the question? That in no way answered what other Democrats they endorsed

Not like they’ve made any secret about going after Trump enablers. It’s not like they were like Josh Hawley is okay but not Trump.

Every time they ran ads against a Republican, they were supporting the Democrat. They are a Democrat support organization.

Who else did they go after besides Trump?

Trump enablers…like the Republican party and conservatives.

Fair enough. The only ads I saw were anti-Trump

Can you name one besides Trump or one of his staff?

Read the article I copied. It has the names of Republican candidates they opposed. They were after Republicans. Whom, besides a few like Romney are not going to support Trump?

No they went after specific politicians.

Specific Republicans and conservatives.

Well their ads were very specifically targeted ad wise. There’s a hilarious ad portraying Lindsey Graham as a parasite.

Anyone with a bit of intelligence, sense of self-respect or a backbone

All you.had to say was no you can’t name anyone offhand