Limbaugh: Fox News Ought to Change It's Name to 'the Fox Never Trumper

I stand with Rush. The liberal media is evading our conservative sanctuary at Fox. They must stand up to this tyranny.


Is state media allowed to do that?

I love how you guys don’t even bother to pretend Fox isn’t the public relations wing of the GOP anymore.

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There are many liberals on FOX that are very critical of Trump and Republicans.

The irony is that they worship… of all people… Donald Trump. Rich coastal elite, born into money, draft dodger, went bankrupt several times, cheated on all his wives, paid hush money to a porn star. I mean, what happened to the Republican party?

It went Trump ■■■■ crazy!


Yes the liberal media is ‘evading’ your conservative sanctuary.


He’s messed up.

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Rush is right 99.99998 percent of the time.

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And that’s when he has half his brain tied behind his back.


So Rush wants Fox News to be an echo chamber, bowing to the Messiah, covering up the garbage, making up dog poop stories to build a false facade for the Idiot?


With his formerly nicotine-stained fingers…


I disagree. It gives Fox credibility to present the news from multiple perspectives. As long as they keep all perspectives represented, I have no problem with them hosting a few Trump-haters. It’s not hard to recognise the light from the dark among Fox voices.