Lighthouse Movie

Saw this in theaters yesterday.

This has to be the weirdest craziest most messed up movie I have ever seen.

But very creative. I give it an 8/10. Very different movie but docked off some points because sometimes it was just so bizarre

Anyone else seen it yet? Trailer below:

I haven’t seen it yet but I read a review of it in one of my local culture newspapers, sounds really weird.

It is very weird

I had been waiting for @travisg to review this and give it an A so for the first time I could agree with him! :rofl:

All joking aside, saw this opening weekend and yes, it is a very strange movie, right down to the format in which it was filmed. The overriding sense one gets is of claustrophobia and a mounting dread. Less of a horror movie (as some have labeled it) than an exercise in dark psychodrama. Willem Dafoe delivered an Oscar-worthy performance, and I have a newfound respect for Robert Pattinson. I walked out of the theater not really sure what to think, but after taking the time to process found myself admiring the film more and more.

Definitely refreshing to see a movie that steps outside the proven formula and takes a chance on challenging the audience. Highly recommended.


The one scene towards the back half where he gives that “talk” for about a full minute with the shot of only his face was such an incredible performance.

I believe it was after patterson’s character wouldn’t say he liked his lobster meal lol

I had read that that was supposed to have gone on another full minute but Dafoe begged them to trim it - he couldn’t memorize it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would give him an Oscar just for that scene.

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Once he got beyond sparkly vampires, he has always been a decent actor in my opinion. More relevant to the OP, am looking forward to seeing this one - heard nothing but good about it :slight_smile:

I love movies like that.

I saw The Lighthouse today, and it was a solid film. I really loved the performances by DaFoe and Patterson.

I give this film a grade of an A-.


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Willem Dafoe? Finally, a movie worth watching this year. lol