Life without the Fall

Anyone care to speculate on what life would have been like if Adam and Eve had ignored the serpent or better still, crushed him like a bug? (Although, was the serpent on the ground originally - or cursed to slither around only after he’d tricked Eve?)

Adam and Eve would have had no knowledge of good or evil. Would all of their children lived in Eden? Or at this point, they were supposed to be fruitful and mulitply the whole world. (And would God have continued to “test” them periodically?)

Would a 10 Commandments have been necessary? How would the people have known right from wrong?

Did God give mankind the ability to read and write, or would they have had to develop that on their own? When would cities have sprung up,e tc.

C.s.lewis’ 2nd book in his Sci if trilogy touches on this topic. In the story Mars is the utopia you described.

We would have no free will.


Mars was the first book…and there there was a minor rebellion but Maleldil (God) the the angelic ruler of Mars put a stop to it.

Why do you think this?

Do we have free will in heaven?

Thanks for the correction. It’s been 25 years since I read those books. Maybe more.

Free will is the ability to choose between good and evil, you can’t do that with out the knowledge of it.


I guess that’s the “ultimate” instance of free will.

To me free will is the ability to choose between Pepsi or milk! Chicken or hamburger!

Or helping a stranded motorist or not.

Is there evil in heaven?

If they didnt have knowledge of it before they made the choice to eat from the tree, how did they freely choose to eat from the tree?

There would never have been any liberals.

How quickly this thread is getting sidetracked!

Can’t we make “Free will - yes or no?” it’s own thread?

For the purpose of this discussion, can we stipulate that God exists, that he created Adam and Eve who were either a bit more perspicacious, or without the tempter of Satan and demons, - and that there was no Fall.

How would life have evolved in the next 6000 years?

So everyone would have been a Republican from Day 1?

Would life have been easier…or, would more have been expected of us?

No government but God…

That was a joke.

Lighten up Francis…

By that standard animals have free will.

It wouldn’t.